Dangerous Weather in Other Biomes

I’d love for there to be blizzards in the north, and things like hurricanes in the eastern jungles. The sandstorms in the desert are such a fun thing to keep a player on their toes, it is a shame the other biomes dont have something similar.


I’d love clouds of insects for the jungle…


Not really. The sandstorms are nothing more than an annoyance. You just end up standing in a corner somewhere and ignore them until the pass before you get a mask. Once you have the mask, you don’t even bother stopping what you are doing. You just pop on the mask then keep doing what you’re doing.

They need to introduce some unique mechanics to the sandstorm before they try putting it elsewhere, such as making it spawn corrupted wolves against anyone caught out in the open during the sandstorm.


Or the sandstorm cats as per the [email protected]#$# trailer.


Weather effects would be cool and add to immersion, and probably enhance the whole “survival” aspect of the game too.


How long until they just got tedious? I mean, if those weather conditions had serious consequences, they would become an irritation because they prevented us from doing whatever we were doing, or irrelevant such as the sandstorms if there was a protective piece of equipment against them.

Of course, the blizzards and hurricanes could just be “reskinned” sandstorms, ie cause damage over time unless you’re in shelter of wearing appropriate gear. In which case you’d mostly ignore them once you hit level 30ish.

Ideally, having the Sandstorm follow people who have claimed a fragment of the Scourgestone could be an interesting twist. Purges that target their bases might also spawn a localized Sandstorm around the base in question, reducing visibility and forcing them to use Sandstorm Helmets to be able to effectively fight back.

I’d love to see Snowstorms plague the frozen north, causing extreme cold and reducing visibility, and potentially Hailstorms that actually could damage Tier 1 and 2 buildings and Thralls who are left standing outside without cover of some kind, albeit at a limited level to make the creation of Tier 3 structures a necessity at higher levels in the more dangerous areas and making sure your Thralls are placed under shelter, even if it is just the humble awning, and make the placement of things like braziers and bonfires a necessity to keep Thralls from freezing to death during the Snowstorms.

As Minnion mentioned, clouds of insects in the jungle biomes could be a fascinating threat to deal with. Less an enemy and more a hostile environmental condition to deal with, small clouds that randomly cycle through the zone and can only be warded off with Torches, and unlike Sandstorms, will actually damage Thralls and Pets as the Cloud passes over them.

While the Swarm-Cloud’s damage might be minimal, it could also infect players with a short-lived debuff called ‘Swamp Fever’ that reduces Stamina regen and causes visual warping of the player’s screen as the ‘fever’ causes hallucinations. Ghosts appearing at the corner of the eye, wild animals ‘attacking’ but vanishing just after the hit ‘connects’ and does no damage, humanoids appearing and uttering cryptic messages or gibberish and then vanishing back into the jungle as mysteriously as they appeared could be something fun to have to deal with.

Bonus points if even the Thralls can be infected with Swamp Fever and might randomly go berserk and just start wailing on whatever target is closest to them for fifteen seconds before calming down and returning to their posts.


I would rather they did not.

Jep. I play on single player to make the game harder, because the official servers NPCs and beasts pose no real threat for players in a higher level. The Purge isn’t enough to keep things exciting… More constant obstacles to overcome would be nice… it is why we play games instead of watching a movie.

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I mentioned elsewhere that the sandstorm needs to have some permanent movement related influence to the players affected by them. This way there is something about them that we can negate and things that we can’t; they are still challenging.

Any addition to the weather effects (and the current ones) would be nice, if we could tweak them from the server settings, making them fit our needs.

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instead of hurricanes or insect swarms I’d like to see floods be the weather of choice in the jungle.


I had always envisioned the potential protective equipment for blizzards in the Frozen North as being a a thick, heavy Fur Cloak which is equipped on one the armour slots, just like the Sandstorm Mask. Something similar to the cloak Jon Snow and Eddard Stark wear would be a nice touch.


I love that concept, but I have no idea how they’d work a rising water level into a map that’s mostly flat for the most part.

That said, if they ever did make a second map, having a variety of terrain heights would add an interesting wrinkle if the area that had the easiest access to water also had massive tides where what is beach-side real-estate at one time of day is the bottom of the cove at another time.

Building your base suddenly becomes a lot more tactical if you can ensure your base can remain water-tight and thus can be safe at the bottom of the ocean for four in-game hours at a time and you’ve got Pets with Aquatic or Amphibious traits to defend it while your Thralls remain safe(?) within the base.

Assuming somebody doesn’t blow a big old hole in the side of said base and drowns all of your buddies.

That actually does give me an idea though …

  • Altitude

What if the higher you get, the thinner the air becomes and the quicker you lose stamina, to the point that at some places of the map the air is so thin you start to have your breath-meter show up and if you can’t get to an area with a higher oxygen concentration, you can and will pass out and die?

That’d be one hell of a base-defence if you could find a valley surrounded on most sides by such heights, and all you need to do is build basic defences to slow down invaders long enough for them to suffocate, and concentrate your other defences on the less-lethal routes into your home.

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This idea has come up every now and then, and I still support it!!!

Blizzards in the North! And as @Croms_Faithful suggested cloaks, would be sick!

For the Eastern Jungles I cant really decide on either bugs/bats or to keep it all weathery maybe a Typhoon! I just don’t know what we would use as protection against tropical rainstorms. The bugs/bats could probably go with another helm or torch to fend off the nasties.


Actually (exclusively my personal opinion) it is enough to add to the sandstorm only a strong blizzard in the snow biome. Then in warm clothes / food / tea / fire there will be at least some meaning. Because now there you can run in the middle Turan epic armor and feel great. Well, even a small meaning will appear in the armor of the Godfighter. And then heavy armor with strong protection from the cold, which is simply nowhere to use. A forest and jungle leave more or less safe zone.

PS Maybe my English is hard to read without blood from eyes. It’s just a google.translate

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Well the sandstorms are not here for fun, they are lore related…
Also the reason where it goes/stops/resets.

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Its a recurring topic isnt it, and usually tends to do well. I still lend support to this one too.

Like yourself the Frozen Norths Blizzards and warm furs concept seems straightfoward enough, but the Jungle is a bit trickier. Like you mate swarms of insects and typhoons/monsoons both have appeal. I like the idea of a different Torch to repel insect swarms. Maaaybe an Oilskin cloak for monsoonal rains.


Actually, that springboards another idea for me.

What if we took the ‘Herbs/Plants’ that Conan already has in the game and utilized them in new fashions?

Combine a Torch with some False Mandrake and Grey-Flower Lupin to make a Aromatic Torch that wards off the dangerous effects of ‘Insect Swarm’ Weather Effects but does nothing to ward off the larger insects of the Exiled Lands.

Combine Yellow Lotus Powder and Brimstone with a Witchfire Torch to make a Balefire Torch that has double the duration of a normal Witchfire Torch.

Combine a Torch with various Lotus Powders with Herbs/Plants to make a variety of Incense that can be placed around your base.

Yellow Lotus and Aloe might provide a tiny regeneration bonus to Thralls and Pets standing within 5 foundations of the item.

Black Lotus and False Mandrake might cause poison damage if you stand in its range for long enough.

Frost Lotus, Highland Berries and Asura’s Glory might provide benefits to surviving the cold if placed into a camp-fire or torch.

I’d love to see a variety of (non-stacking) methods of using already-implemented items in the game being used to enhance player survivability and to counter new environmental conditions.

Sandstorms should also bring the danger of the Sandbeasts prowling randomly through Nüb’s River.

Occasional Twisters rampaging through the middle/desert regions of the map that will randomly throw dead trees, small boulders and extremely panicked animals and survivors around, potentially damaging bases with minor impacts and panicked enemies landing square in the middle of your stuff.

Monsoons and Insect Swarms in the Eastern Jungle biome(s) where visual abilities are impaired by the torrential downpour and normal torches and fires are automatically extinguished, and swarms of insects bearing deadly plagues and insatiable hunger for blood threaten both beast and man alike. Survive the Insect Swarm, however, and you may find yourself loaded down with a bounty of insects for alchemical purposes.

The Frozen Northlands could be threatened by Snowstorms that blind players or freeze them solid if they are not prepared for such disasters, and may herald the descent of Yetis into the more fertile regions, and rarely Hailstorms that can deal damage to both building and heads, necessitating cover for your Thralls and shelter for you. However, the Hailstorm may also provide a small bounty of Black Ice on a rare occasion …

Closer up the volcano, we could have fire-storms of cinder-heavy ash-clouds descend down the slopes of the volcano, burning wooden structures and men alike and rarely the volcano itself might start to belch forth rains of burning rocks upon it’s own slopes. Should your base survive, however, you’ll find a small number of useable chunks of obsidian to harvest …


Brilliant ideas @Giant_Neckbeard !
I would love to see all of these hazards you describe in-game. Beasts roaming the lands in certain weather conditions is also quite popular and with the implementation of the white and black yetis in game I think it can realistically actually become reality. Man o man! I would love for some more gameplay mechanics that make the harsh lands ACTUALLY harsh, instead of just temperature and the odd sandstorm, both of which can be easily avoided and as mentioned earlier in this thread becomes more of an annoyance than a feature…

Your herbal incense ideas I find quite intriguing as well. Not just the Jungle bug swarm repeller torch but the actual buffs for every day chores. TBH I don’t even care if this might make balance in PvP difficult or not (can’t really see how?). I want it in! ASAP!

Conan was depicted as running around the frozen northlands in nothing but boots, helmet and a fur loincloth, at least in the comics. Vanir Settler outfit should therefore be plenty for a blizzard.

(Howard himself describes Conan wearing a somewhat more reasonable outfit in the Frost-Giant’s Daughter, but the comics version of the same story reduced what he was wearing to almost the same level as Atali…)

I totally get where you are coming from Sir, as the Frost-Giant’s Daughter was the first story I ever read from Howard’s brilliant works.

But there is only one Conan, and we are mere mortals in comparison. So I would still agree more with a fur cloak in a blizzard than just the Nordheimer armor set. (And I want more stuff! :joy:)

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