Sandstorm equivalent for other biomes

The beginner biome has its ravaging danger - the later biomes have not.
Somehow its weird.
It would be interesting, to remove the darkening of the skies from the sandstorm from the other biomes, but implement their own dangers.

In the highest north it could be snowstorms
In the highlands there could be high energetic thunderstorms that strike the ground occasionally
In the jungle it could Insect swarms that bite a lot.

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It would be interesting. although the sandstorms do have a reason lorewise for happening. Maybe they can add something for other weather hazards too?

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Yep, before I discovered the fluff on the sandstorm, it seemed odd, but the backstory actually explains it.

I completely agree with the OP. It’s a shame that all sense of danger vanishes as soon as you find yourself a face mask for the sandstorm. It’s cool that the snow and volcano biomes have dangerous temperatures, but the highlands and the jungle are a bit too safe for my liking.

Honesty, it could be any type of danger. In the east part of the highlands you could have a swarm of spirits corrupting the entire area and slowly killing you, which you can only escape if you have a certain charm on you or if you find a shelter that has spiritual protection or somehting, I don’t know haha. I mean, it’s the conan universe so there’s bound to be some messed up stuff in the lore that the developers can utilize. Snowstorms for the snow area is a no brainer really; I’m surprised that these aren’t already part of the game.

As for the insect swarm in the jungle… yes! It sounds freaking awesome!

That the sandstorms have a base in the lore is true, but then snowstorms or insect swarms are hazards that do not even need further base, they are just normal for certain areas.

It could even be ravaging hordes of apes or something. Just a sense of danger that occasionally requires a reaction.

The only places I do not get sand storms is the snowy regions. I find sand storms in the jungle to just be stupid.

The only place that the sand storms actully cause damage in though is the desert though. its true they should just stop at the crazy guy in the ruins like stated in the lore but meh.

Well they actually do have the occasional horde of apes for the purge in the jungle… So then how extreme would you be wanting these weather hazards to be? They would have to be counterable otherwise it will negatively impact players trying to enjoy the game.

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