Keycode needed for The Time The Before Us - Please help

Hi, I’m stuck doing a task in Scorched Desert. It’s to ‘Find a Functioning Arc in Al-Meraha’s past.’

I can get to the large golem blocking a keypad to get to the Arc. But I cannot figure out the passkey solution to get into the door. Youtube videos don’t write the actual keys being pressed. And the online walkthroughs are not working. Please does anyone have the correct key sequence?
It’s in the Time Before Us quest. Many thanks

I can give it a go to compare with what you’re seeing, and try to figure out what’s going wonky for you. But just to be sure we’re testing out the same thing, were you using this guide? (Legacy) The City Before Us - TSW Database
(The button order would be top right, middle right, bottom left, middle left.)

When I go to test, I’ll track and let you know which buttons light up after each press. That way, you can double-check as you go, step by step, to make sure it progresses as expected. If at any point the wrong things light up, just re-press the button you hit to deactivate it, and try moving your camera around to re-align on the button and/or test a different one.

Also, general tip: try to pull the custodian to the opposite side of the room from the buttons, and knock it out there. That’ll give you more time test buttons before it walks back to you after waking back up.

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You have to try the keycode when the custodian is not active. So you have to lure him away a bit.