Where can I get help now

I’m trying to get a garden key. but the Ancient Pattern Analyzer graced by the the faithful, only worked once. I need to use it 3 times , and there seems to be no one in the game willing to help.
I’m wondering if I am forgetting something.
when I use it a second time I just get a extra Ancient Pattern Analyzer. I tried combining the 2, Nothing, Tried adding a an Insignia, Nothing .
deleted the extra Analyzer, I just get another one when I use the one that’s been graced.
I have followed and reread the guide at AOU, and no help why it’s not working.
oh and I even tried Zoning

it’s been a while since I have done this quest, and it’s unfortunate that the day I come back as a sub is the same day they drop the ARKS :pensive: :unamused:

I don’t want to report bug if it something I’m forgetting to do something

After combining the Ancient Device with an insignia, you get the Ancient Pattern Analyzer. I understand you’ve done this step since you mention this item specifically. Once you have that, you trade it with three (different) Silvertail mobs. There’s no use action (i.e. rightclicking) or combining needed besides this. Once you have traded the Ancient Pattern Analyzer to three Silvertails, you trade it back to Sipius Aban Lux-Wel in the garden and then he should give you the key.

I hope this helps :blush:

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yes it did help. I can’t believe I forgot about the trade, even after doing it once already.
I was trying to place it at their feet :roll_eyes: for the others ,kinda thought that was what I did the first time :flushed:
thank you

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