I am stuck need help finding out how to proceed


so I am confused as to what I am supposed to do I have beat mara in Transylvania and gone to that weird dimension and now I am completely lost. I tried finding a guide for what I am suppose to do but it doesn’t seem to work the quest text says I am supposed to repair the failing gaia engine and I am in a room with 6 fireballs shooting at a giant fire and I don’t see any way out.

well i guess randomly clicking at things can eventually fix anything at least i am out of the weird room now.


Spoilers ahead!

Broken Gaia engines will have one (or more) of the little fireballs (nodes) being smaller than the others. If you can hear the sounds being played when the big fireball shoots the little ones, broken nodes will also have a sour note (there’s a bit of static with the noise too). Clicking on the node will repair it. Outside the gaia engines are quick travel portals going around the center, so that you don’t have to do too much running :slight_smile:


Also if you try running around you are likely to get eaten by the monsters out there. It is fun to try but still pretty hard to beat them. But yes there is the audio clue as well as the visual clue for the damage parts of the Gaia engine, just look or listen closely to each of them. You can go back to the first engine to hear and see a good example, and then as you visit the others you come across 3 or 4 broken ones.


You will see the fire becoming black (the ones that need to be repaired) you can do this quest without sound on. It will take multiple times for it to repair. Sometimes around 10 times on something like that. Just keep going untill the fire nolonger turns black then move on to the next one


It shouldn’t. Using a broken node once will repair it, using an unbroken node will break it. It’s just an on/off toggle.


Well it is. Ive done this quest not to long ago


I’ve got 6 characters having done the mission, never had to click on a node more than once to repair it. /shrug


hey thanks for the help everyone. i have managed to get unstuck and continued on with the story thanks a lot.

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