Stuck in The City Before Us



I am doing the Scorched Desert story line and it is an infiltration quest called The City Before Us .Currently I am at Tier 3 to replace the ark ,and after doing that ,the quest guide tells me to escape the trap yet I light every puzzle floor according to what the hint tells me to ,but the door won’t open .


Sorry new users cannot upload images so I will try my best to describe the situation .
3 hints are
II ,2(just the hieroglyphic character looks like 2),and III
and puzzle floors on the ground are (from left to right)
2 ,II ,г ,ㄐ,2 ,ㄐ, III
I light the first ,the second ,the fifth and last ,but nothing happens and then burnt to death .


So i’m guessing the door is broken (canon not as a bug). You need to run back up the stairs from which you came.


Indeed after finding that I was stuck in the quest ,I tried every possible means ,ran back to where I came ,/reset ,shift + T to teleport away ,but nothing happened .


You are still stuck?
Running back up the stairs should work, you need to go all the way back the way you came in


okay ,I’m gonna try that again


yes thanks ,i got out


Glad to hear it o/