Midnight Alchemist

Why cant I find midnight alchemist?

Head out to the dogs of the dessert main base (The Den) and snoop about the ruins neaer but not IN the Den you will find an unusual friendly NPC that can teach it to you :slight_smile:

Enjoy the quest

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If you look at The Den on the map, 9 o’clock is where he is, standing alone.

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Thank you so much!!!

Im in love with this community :+1:

Btw are there any requirements to achieve it?

No, just talk to him and you will get the 2 reset potions too, do remember, they all have a 2 min timer until they are gone :smiley:

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Also of note, between him and Den is a door… with some levers… You may want to come by and take a look. =p


And a few loot chests…lol, my regular stops there have yielded a lot of gold.

and visit Silkwood afterwards

You can even watch their entire series in Conan Exiles , but prepare for a lot of :man_facepalming: and :rofl: :joy:

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Was there more? I just found Thorug ghost earler this week. (found 1 of 3 items) I was kinda excited to find something new.

I passed it over on wiki, put it off as PC only thing since were so far behind update wise on ps4.

I’ll have to play lookie lou in silkwood I guess.

I found the little silkwood thingie by mistake, always fun and these are the things that keep me playing Conan the silly little strange things I still find.

Wow been missing for a while and there are lots of stuff that I haven’t known yet. Thank u guys so much. :heart:

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