Explosive Arrows vs Jars for Raiding

Has anyone tested the damage of an Explosive Arrow against buildings in comparison to Jars? I know they are not worth the resources for killing, but how do they compare in a raiding scenario?

You can easily run this kind of tests by starting a solo game, go admin and do whatever you want.

To answer your question, explosive arrows currently deal ~700 damage to buildings.
So you would need to fire around 140 arrows to destroy one T3 foundation.

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That is true. I never actually thought about that since I never run in solo mode for anything except training for PvP. Thanks for the response. So they seem EXTREMELY expensive for any sort of raiding, which also makes them ineffective for fighting in general. Bit of a shame really as I was hoping they were the solution to tower bases.

It is indeed time consuming.

Ressource wise, crafting 140 arrows costs 14 dragon powder vs ~9 powder to break the same T3 foundation with jars.

Think of explosive arrows as raid auxiliary equipment. Their damage is on par with demon-fire orbs. You can get a little more bang for your buck if you use combinations (gas arrow first, oil arrow, explosive arrow, count ~27 seconds, and finish with a gas arrow).

Jars are far simpler / faster. However, for that pesky anti-climb that isn’t going to break when you tangle with the foundation(s) supporting it, explosive and other specialty arrows are clutch.

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Arrows have their use though, if you need to attack a lollipop base. Sometimes jars and orbs wont reach, so you use arrows to break base parts to allow you to climb up higher and then use bombs. There is lots of tools at your disposal. :smiley:

Hmm. That must still be a slow process. I normally just use explosive + gas repeatedly. This does the damage straight away so there’s no need to wait for the fire to burn out.

Not as resource effective I’m sure, but I’m normally in a hurry when raiding.

The best I’ve done recently so far in real-world situations where the shot is somewhat distant is just shy of 6 minutes for one piece of anti-climb. If you wait for the full burn you’ll save a lot of resources but it’ll cost you almost 6 more minutes. I think it comes down to what and how much you have on hand. For speed it goes oil, gas, boom, pause, gas.

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Thanks. I’ll give that a go.

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