Explosive jars not damaging

happens in some area’s…

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Already reported by me, splash damage do not work every time.

Fortunately bombs are free now, but it is not fun to send 30 bombs to break a sandstone wall …

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Hoping your are just testing things out in single player because that construction hammer in your hot bar is a bit of a red flag for me


i not playing test client,((orginal conan exiles))

Fortunately this bug continues
official / unofficial server…

The repair hammer is the only way to see building damage now, even on your own buildings.

@DaVice Construction hammer is how you exploit

I’m not looking for a lesson in exploits :wink:. Funcom has unfortunately made the construction hammer too important, most of us just leave it on our bar now. However, he is holding the “repair” hammer, another unfortunate change that we can no longer use TAB to view a building’s ownership, damage, stability or decay without it. :sleepy:

not when you are raiding and when you need slot in hotbar for bombs if you play normally… and not for a construction hammer…

He has bombs on his hotbar. What’s with you guys, are you the finger-pointing police? He’s just reporting a bug (which evidently was already reported).

you don’t have just one bomb in your hotbar when you want to place quick the maximum of bombs normally… jezzzz have you ever raided ? and first remark was it ring the alarm bell, that’s all.

and can you please read answer he did

I still fail to see how this is relevant to the bug report, so please stop derailing the thread. Raiding tactics are hardly relevant when the point is that a bomb causes no damage.

he answered ;Fortunately this bug continues
official / unofficial server…


but yes it don’t change that bomb are bugged in damage they do, but the main problem actually is not that they are bugged which already have been reported multiple time (and its welcome to continue to report it), but that they are infinite and can be placed at will without crafting time wtih just one bomb in hotbar (reported even more multiple time, daily in fact since 3 weeks), and that is also welcome to remind it.

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