Extend Decay Times

So apparently you guys are aware that players can’t get on Conan for the last few days and you are working on a fix. In the mean time, can decay times be extended until this is fixed? I worked really hard on my base by myself I would hate to loose everything. I love this game but sorry to say if I loose everything I worked so hard for over something that is not on me, I will have to stop playing this game.

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They stated they lifted decay timers. Havent said when there starting them up again but odds are when they have it fixed


I may be wrong but from twitter sounds like they only just today disabled timers so if your 7th day was yesterday O wells you shouldn’t be that guy that pops on once a week :slight_smile:

They only announced it officially today. A plant spilled it yesterday sometime I believe but day one you are kinda screwed

Yes same goes for me

The forum told me to welcome you to the community soo… welcome to the community jlctest27 :laughing:

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