Decay timer on "-"?

Hello everyone :wave:

Today in my weekly check at my base I noticed that the decay timer from “480 hours” went to “-”.

Did the administration of my server shutdown the decay timer for the summer vacations?

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Its because on siptha is a bug that not let you log in ive you on the new lands island so funcom disabeld decay timer till this problem fixed

I would say so. If you go to settings/ server settings in the main menu you can see if it is disabled.

So I should not worry?

No its done by funcom all good :ok_hand:


One offical is 480 hours the other is —
A formula for disaster

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:slight_smile: noticed this exact thing on my Siptah server 6110(Official) this morning.
Hope they get it fixed soon…:slight_smile:

When they disabeld the decay timer i not have hopes for a quick fix :face_with_peeking_eye:

Was not aware of this bug. Thanks for following up. I haven’t been playing on siptah much lately, so I didn’t notice any issues. Must not have affected everyone. :thinking:

dont move too the new land on siptha stay on the main island and you will be fine

“New land?” You mean the southern islands? I have a friend who has his base there. Idk… I guess it depends on where it’s located.

Just confirmed that @Marylambs is able to log in and she’s located at the southern most tip of the sun island. So idk if it’s centralized to the middle area of the islands or what? Usually we build on the coastlines.

i was abel too walk around ther on my old gen x box my series x on 4k will chrash

This is on ps5. I was also able to tag all my bases and outposts this morning. Is it an Xbox issue perhaps?

Teleporting is no problem but i was got this in the first fight down ther . I think even pc and playstation have the problem but x box have the next gen version of conan playstation not

Yeah… thanks for the reminder that we’re still getting screwed, despite paying just as much as the other ports. :unamused:

But good thing you not get effectet by this bug :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl::face_with_peeking_eye:

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Yeah… but when it’s fixed, we’re back to the kiddie pool.

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Decay on Exiles server is 460 earlier today. Using repair hammer when putting on roof

Yeah, it’s only disabled on siptah.

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When will it be repared?.. are they working on it?..