Extra points on attributes

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I have a question this is a trick or how can you have so many attribute points? I am fighting with a clan and they carry these attributes all the time, how is this possible?

Thank you.

Is this on a private server?

No, in oficial server

I guess this build is part gear with buffs and part this: https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Tablet_of_Power

Maybe not if it only gives feat points. I haven’t tried it.

I don’t know what gear gives +35 str.

This screen shot is not real for officials…look at the enc. this is from a private server, or if sent from someone, they sent you one from a SP game. To get 1240 ENC without spending points, they would have had to do the admin adjustment (not available on official .db i was told) and add the enc manually in the commands.


it does give only feat points.

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As I comment, the photo was shared in their chat and since then they are difficult to kill. I at 4 strength do not hurt them with the blows. they with two arrows kill you.

the berserket potion crafted at the ymir altar with anastasera ( T4 priest you can find in New asagard ) or drem the ocultist (purge T4 priest ) would grant 35 str but it only last the first 15 / 30 seconds when you take said potion

but since the encumberance shown on this screen has been adminpannel up to 1240 it must be a screenshot from a private server .


Thank you, I will try

The interesting thing is the extras +35 in strength, + 6 Agility, 12 vitality, etc.

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So berserker draught gives +35. Good to know, I never used that but I have at least 200 of them :rofl:
That’s why the screen is pink(?), I thought it was taken in a corrupted area.

These books he drop adds +4 to everything:

  • Vitality +4 from a book +5 from battle-axe of the berserker +3 from the commander’s chestpiece or a cooked moray eel.
  • Grit +4 from a book, +3 from a tattoo/elixir or a cooked moray eel.
  • Encumberance, Survival, Agility, Accuracy +4 from books +2 from armor pieces (lot of armor pieces give you +2 bonuses). Or +3 from (tattoo/fish/)elixirs/specific armor pieces (war-mammoth boots to enc., scorpion helm to survival, etc.)

So based on the points themselves it is possible, but that encumberance, is too much. On admin panel you could press ++++++ to the encumberance without spending/increasing attribute points as @Kanza1 said.


I will test on the private server and then on the official server.
I know that if you use a book and then a fish does not add the extra points overlap.

The origin of the screenshot is doubtful, it could be that
The screen looks pink, because I was in an obelisk just when they shared the photo, I made the picture at the moment.be from a private server and have a few more points. The funny thing is that he shared it with his clan to assign the points that way and now they are very strong, I have used the set daggers to subtract the extra points.

thanks for the info.

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