I'm short on 9 attribute pointd

Hi can anyone help me, I’m level 60 and I’m ment to have 390 points but when I reset my attribute it says I only have 381 points to spend, I have 40 in strength, 30 in vitality, 28 in encumbrance and 3 in survival? Any help would be appreciated thanks

I’m sorry thought I was posting in correct place any chance you could direct me to correct place so I can repost thank you. ps a link 2 correct topic would help me out so much this is my first time on any forum so I’m a bit off a nubb :roll_eyes:

Sorry I thought you were on PC and asked some irrelevant questions. Sometimes when you have mods installed and you use admin panel to level yourself (or de-level yourself) you can be short points.

So probably irrelevant in your case. But maybe you can fix your issue via admin panel. Just not sure about PS4 sorry. But maybe try and post in the bug section.


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