Only 389 Attribute points?!

Wasn’t it supposed to be 390? Did something change? Is it a bug?

I am on XBox in Singleplayer, even resetting my char to lvl 1 and level back up I always only get 389 instead of 390.

Try drinking a yellow lotus potion.

Doesn’t help either…

We are on ps4 my wife reset her points over the weekend and it was 389 . Not sure if it has been this along or not. @Legendaddy87

Ok quick question are you using admin panel to lvl your self down at all when you begin the game you start with 1 point at lvl one but if you lvl yourself down they the one point is gone as it’s not tied to any lvl up thus it’s forever lost and you have to start a new game

However if you hit lvl 60 make sure you spend all attributes first and then use admin panel to gain 1 more lvl to 61 and you will get 12 more attributes but you must be lvl 60 wether through admin or normal gain and have noooooo attributes left to spend for it to work hope that helps

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In my wife’s case we were playing on some one’s server. No admin. She did use yellow lotus potion to redistribute points

Thank you for the help

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