Attributes only getting 59?

So…is this a bug or what?

I thought when you got to level 60, you had 60 attribute points to spend.

But I’m only getting 59 to spend. I thought we were supposed to be able to max out 3 lines ?

You should get 60. Are you playing on an official server?

Nope, single player solo. I leveled a character to 60 to test and only 59 are present.

Set level to 0, had 0 attribute points.
Set level to 60, have 59 attribute points.

It’s because of how it’s designed.

You start at level 1 so you have 0 attribute points.
You get 59 level ups, so 59 points.

One of those should have given 2 points instead of 1. It means you need 61 to hit 60 points.

Are you running mods and did you level using admin panel? Those can produce weird results. Level 60 char has 60 points.

Admin panel, no mods.

But why should that matter? You start at level 1, to 60 gives +1 per level, but you only get 59 levels, you’re already level 1.

I even did Set Level to 0, then Set Level to 60. It still just gave 59 points.


55 levels… 55 points… something’s wrong on your end imo, maybe put down the admin commands and drink a reset potion?

Really weird.

Started a Siptah file. Level 1, 1 point. Admin to 60, 60 points.
Copied character from Exiled to Siptah.
Created a new EL file. Level 1, 1 point. Admin to 60, 60 points.

Somehow, something in it bugged that character. It carries over to Siptah as well. Level 1 has 0 attribute points and can’t get it back, that I can see.

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I encountered the same bug. Here’s what to do, if you’re Admin:

Opn the console and type “AddUndistributedAttributePoints1”

That adds a single attribute point, and you’re good to go!


I have the same problema but im on official :confused:

Im on official have any idea how to solve? Ive tried both respec potion

Unfortunately, I am not aware of a way to fix that on officials other than recreating your character which unless you have a clan will result in losing everything. If you have a clan, this might be the easiest solution. You can also try to send a ticket to ZenDesk to see if they can do anything.

So it’s not something caused by the Admin Panel, if it’s happening on Official as well.

It’s something from character creation. Causing the Level 1 character to not start with 1 attribute point.

I try ticket before new char, thank you

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