Missing attributes on a level 60 character

My level 60 character is missing 1 attribute point. He only has 59 points. Has this happened to anyone?

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Same here on an Xbox official server… Have they resolved your issue yet?

I have the same issue, playing in offical server, we need a solution for this please

My husband has this same issue :confused:

Greetings SkywalkerTV!
Welcome to our forums and thank you for reporting your situation regarding the missing attributes point.

In order for our team to properly assess the issue, could you please provide us with a screenshot/video of your level and of the issue if possible please?

Thank you in advance!

Not the OP, but one of my characters has the same issue.

Character is level 60 and has only 59 attribute points to spend.

Using Yellow Lotus or Natural Learning potions doesn’t solve the problem either.

Despite having none available, the attributes page does still notify the player (yellow gem) that there’s a point to spend.


Thank you for the screenshot Azazane!

Additionally, could you let us know the exact server where this issue is occuring please?

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I don´t believe it´s on one server. I have the exact same issue on single player in the exiled lands as well as official pve-c server 1041. The fun part is at first single player was fine with lvl 60 having 60 attribute points but then after maxing out on official 1041 and only having 59 attribute points at lvl 60 I tried resetting my lvl to 1 and back to 60 in single player admin panel and after a few times it glitched on single player as well and after it glitched even resetting it to 1 and back to 60 doesn´t fix the 59 attribute point problem anymore.

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