Missing Attribute points on Official Servers

Just reached lv60 and only acquired 59 attribute points… My previous Official server had no issues granting the 60th point. Yet on that server I was lv60 before the 3.0 launch. That one missing point is crucial when making your build. Please advise.

Platform: Xbox
Storefront: Game Pass
Issue Type: Missing Attributes
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE-Conflict
Server Name: 2508
Mods: None


Hello there @JesterJay54321!

Thank you for reporting this situation to us, however, would it be possible for you to please provide me with a screenshot of your attribute tab and how it currently shows?


Hello there everyone!

Thank you for your replies and for the screenshots provided.

Regarding the situation, did this happen after a Yellow Lotus potion was used?

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