F2RP PS4 Heavy RP Server

Welcome to F2RP we are RP focused PVP server, with a heavy emphasis on RP through player stories and interaction. We use a text based RP system via discord. We aim for a balance between actual game play as well as immersive player created stories. Weather you’re new to RP and this is your first server or you’ve played RP clans and servers on other games feel free to join. Each new member is required to make a character sheet for entry to the server but beyond that the world is yours to explore.
Some features of the server:

-No forced professions, craft and build what you want, RP the professions you want

-2x XP rates

-halved thirst and hunger meters

-2x Thrall conversions rates

-3X harvesting rate

-No item drop on death

Feel free to either DM me for the discord link. :slight_smile: