(PS4) F2RP - PvP Server for RP - discord

This is a PS4 Dedicated server.

F2RP means Free to Roleplay. I have created a server. It’s fresh. Looking for mature folks 18+ who want a server with the freedom to RP your way. There are no DnD style rules, no profession restrictions, and I would like to reward people for roleplaying. I do not intend to be a lord and master over the server, just another player, however I will use my admin rights for rewards and to help with RP scenarios.

The only rules are to be respectful to your fellow players, no god-moding, have fun, make a character, base, clan you want. And just play Conan Exiles and RP!

Server rates are very slightly accelerated on gathering and xp gain and nights are short. I do not have purge enabled as it gets in the way of RP.

F2RP is a not a dictatorship. Speak up about adjusting rates or adding in functions that will help the experience for us all. This is a clean slate which will hopefully be a haven for those wanting to RP heavily, play the game, and just have fun. Community is everything.

Currently the server is set to 20 players max but I will increase if the need arises.

We communicate and RP via discord.

To reach me, search for Amem on discord and send a friend request. And we can go from there.

Thank you for your time at least checking out this post and I look forward to meeting those of you who choose to join :slight_smile: