Face Derp ... 12 days later, cannot place named thralls in SP game

“Much face derp removed (Unique NPC’s should no longer look as if their mother and father were brother and sister)”

Yeah no, still the exact same amount of face derp. Unless this doesn’t pertain to the NPCs with eyes like Sid the Sloth from Ice Age.

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug | Misc
Region: USA

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Become Admin in SP
  2. Spawn in any Tier 4 Thrall into inventory
  3. Try to place Thrall … but you can’t
  4. Try to look at face … but it won’t place, so you can’t.

I’ve tested this in testlive singleplayer, and it appears to be fixed from what I can see (spawned in Freya, and she was looking much prettier). Note, this change hasn’t been released yet in live. Are you using the testlive version?

I’m going to say I’m using the live version as I’m not even sure how to get the other version.

yeah no, I’m on live.

Aha. I see it now “TestLive Patch Notes (20/6/2018) Version: 100928/18372”. I just assumed they’d release the big patch and fix things before releasing the DLC. My mistake.

What I’m curious about is does the fix apply retroactively to thralls placed before the patch or are your already placed nameds forever messed up?

I’m thinking it won’t fix the ones already placed because I have a normal Freya in my base that I had from before they changed the way she looks. She doesn’t have the derpy eyes or that awful new hairdo.

Your mistake indeed. Never assume anything, especially where Funcom is concerned. I’ve seen the game files, trust me, things like “logic” and “Common sense” is not in the playbook.

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So now you say you fixed the Face Derp, and this time it is IN FACT in the LIVE version … unlike the last time … but now you CAN’T PLACE Tier 4 or any of the named Thralls! Really?

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Faces are fixed. Old thralls look like always. If you want the new face you have to recapture.

I’ll take your word for it then because as I said … I CAN’T place them. It literally says on the screen “This Thrall cannot be placed” when trying to place any named Thrall in a SP game. Why? No idea.