Failed join game

failed to join requested game I keep geting I trying every thing to fix it no still geting it and I wood like get back on to my friend server

It happens to me every time I try to login the first time per day , it takes maybe 10-15 min and 4 or 5 tries and it will finally log me in . It is very frustrating I know , and I haven’t seen anywhere funcom addressing the issue , many posts are locked
no answer.

OH I forgot to add , I cant join any server , so its nothing to do with my actual server its something else.

Dark, I can’t completely solve your problems and they are well documented on the forums, but I can offer potential help for the first login.

Log into Steam first and watch for the flash that says logging in…, wait a few seconds and then start the game.

With such a rampant problem, I am absolutely sure the devs are working on getting a fix out as soon as possible. You could try some local fixes, like verifying your local files through Steam, removing any mods and trying single player. From your last post, the root cause may be within your local client and/or machine.



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