Fail to Join game

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug ]

Every server that I try to join (official or otherwise) always throws the error:

failed to join game.
Failed to join requested game.

Getting frustrating that I cannot play this game online.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Try to join any server

Hi there,

We are getting several reports of other players having similar issues to you. Can you please email in at so that we can more directly assist you.

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Having the same exact issue as well as several guild mates.

“Failed to join requested game”

It is a dedicated server that I admin and it is indeed up and running. It shows on the server list in Steam, allows you to connect and enter PW then it throws the error message at the in-game menu.

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Same, extremely frustrating to wait 10-20 minutes using steam auto connect, then it fails.
6 times and counting so far.

Was better a few days ago i think, hard to say. However, it should happen this often.

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A friend have the problem getting steam no admin rights he change and now he are happy

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Did you resolve this? I’m getting the exact same issue on mine

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any fixes?

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i am having the extact problem and when i emailed them they just send to post it on the forums, its been happening for months now it makes the game unplayable

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