Failed to join requested game KARMA

I cannot express how unsatisfied I have been over the last few weeks. I cannot join ANY online servers. I have opened a ticket, and took them 10 days to reply with an “I am sorry we cannot help you”. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?! I spent a lot of money buying this game AND the DLC. I have checked my Firewall, and still I CANNOT play online. My SP is fine but I AM TIRED of playing SP. I have seen a few posts about people having the same problem but none of them there is a solution. You people at ■■■■■■ need to start taking this more serious, when you take money from people and just dont care about the product nor helping the community. I am beyond frustrated already.

IF anyone has any ideas on how to fix this crap, please help. This is my last shot before uninstalling for good and never playing this again.


Any servers? Official or unofficial? And it’s not your firewall—like, you actually tried disabling it altogether? (Not an ideal solution, but I’m spitballing here.) I’ve heard of antivirus software occasionally borking connections like that. What’s your internet connection like? Are you on WiFi? What’s your ping?

I’m just throwing stuff against the wall & hoping something sticks. I’m not an IT/IS guy. I do hope you can find a resolution!


Thanks man! I have not tried to disable the firewall altogether… My internet connection is good, I have no problem playing any other games like WoW, LoL, CS… Not on WiFi, connected straight to the computer and any server I try regardless of official or private servers.

Thanks for the reply though!

Still have not solved and no help from the admins??? GREAT EXPERIENCE!

Damn man that sux azz…not sure what you have tried…
Verify files through steam.
Update ALL drivers.
Reboot your modem and router.
Update windows.
Uninstall then reinstall game.
Reinstall/update directx.
If using a router,try going straight to the modem for internet.
Reinstall battle eye.
Don’t have to do any of these in any order…hope one of these helps!

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