Failed to start Playfield, Galway Shire to Galway County

As title has stated, experienced this on RK2019, over 10 times now going from shire to county headed to grid in the past week.

make sure you are using the good (old) client and not the useless (new) client

That zone border has had issues since the beginning i think. At least for me if i try to walk/fly following the road, it never zones correctly and i always get that error. However if i fly a little bit off the road in either direction it always zones correctly the first try.

And this happens with both, new and old client for me.

Regardless of client this zone crossing has had problems since 2001.
Staying as close to the road as possible should resolve both the “no mans land” ( zoning into empty far-distance terrain with 0 npcs) and “bouncing” (failed to start PF)

yes, and it’s kinda sad that it aint fixed in 18 years… :grin:

It’s the Bermuda triangle of ao.

It was also a topic in the known bugs thread in the old forum, but it was never fixed

Thank you for the report, we’ve been able to replicate this issue.

Posted on behalf of Trainee Squance