Falling through the world. This shouldn’t happen


“INFOL_DATAERROR: Combat: [BP_SafetyNetVolume_251] PersistentHumanoidNPC_C_489 triggered the BP_SafetyNetVolume. Falling through the world. This shouldn’t happen.”

This is happening only when a single mod is installed and I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what level of serious is this? The mod in question is Devious Desires which has been recommended to fix the High Heels System mod fail resulting from recent changes to the game.

It seems like it would be making a lot of calls and that this would perhaps be related to the instability my friend and I experience frequently in co-op mode. The base game without mods seems fine and shows no such error continuously scrolling up the large console screen.

I don’t play anything other than single player or co-op mode.

This behavior is mostly on start up and running around a bit stops it from happening but I have checked and occasionally I see it ticking them off slowly (the falling through the world errors).

My only questions are how serious is this error? Could it be contributing to instability in co-op mode? Is it something that needs addressing? Or is it something I can safely ignore?

I’ve posted something about this on DD’s discord channel but haven’t heard anything from anyone there regarding this.

It does seem like it could be related to mod adjustments of variables that effect where feet are planted and so perhaps I should stop by whiskey’s discord and see if anyone there can shed some light on this since it seems related.

I do appreciate any help understanding this

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Just a side note, while your specific issue may be mod related, this one has “fallen through the world” on a PStato.
No mods, official servers.

Fairly rare, but it happens sometimes
Especially if one attempts to climb mecha-Mitra’s leg.

There was a bug for awhile that dropped people thru the world when striking a body with a pickaxe.
That was years ago tho


I saw that this was an issue for people sometimes even without mods so i thought perhaps some relevant data surrounding those and other similar incidents might shed some light on what I’m seeing.

Thanks for responding btw, I really appreciate that. I’ve been reading for three days on this and haven’t found much. So I’ll keep reading on this forum and several relevant discord forums hoping for some tidbit that leads me down the right rabbit hole here.


Good luck.
If this one finds anything else pertinent, it will be posted.

I also use the high heels mod but I rarely experience the warped legs issue but when I do I use the Fashionest mod to fix it.

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OK I am a console player. Have been reading these posts for the past 5 years. If op created a server on there pc instead of single player or coop would it run better it could be locked so only op friends could join. I know single player co-op doesn’t work well plus they would not be tethered. @CityKitty @Deamo @LostBrythunian here again not a pc player just antidoltal knowledge. PS welcome to the Forum Exile

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I like this solution. I’m familiar with running servers so this seems like it has potential.

Thanks! And thanks for the great suggestion!

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I have Fashoinist in the list.

How do you use Fashoinist to fix it? Mod order?

You are very welcome. One can gather alot of information on this Forum hard part is sorting out the good and remembering it best of fortune to you and your friends.

Just use the Fashionest mirror and when the overview/editor screen appears just select apply code this should fix the issue.
Well it does for me anyway.

Don’t have your heels on when attempting this it will probably have the opposite effect.

Playing on Xbox, an out of memory crash right as I teleported resulting in death by falling through the world. Back to the circle of power to retrieve the death loot.