Falling through the world glitch

Server us US3 PVE
Location: Sinner’s Refuge top G4
Upon entering the cave experienced falling through the world error, multiple deaths all gear lost.

Apparently this is a know testlive bug that wont happen on the live version, or so someone told me ingame.

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Yes, it is part of the experimental anti-undermesh protection which is not enabled on the Live servers until the false positives are ironed out.

Might be nice to set the server so you do not lose your gear while this is in effect so you can actually do testing and not spend inordinate amounts of time trying to replace lost gear.

I fully understand how you feel and it is painful to lose your gear indeed but these are some risks associated with choosing to play on the test servers instead of the live servers.

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Understood. Missed update on server due to the short decay time so all ability to replace equip was lost. This is actually an issue for testing as it is quite common and testers spend more time getting up to speed than testing.

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