BUG: Bug in caves. Flies to the wrong side of the world

In caves player dies and so reason writes - Flies to the wrong side of the world.
Please fix it.

I am playing on the US test server. I just ran into Gallaman’s Tomb cave and had no problem. However. when I enter the Sinner’s refuge, I die with the message “You were killed by falling through the world.” I cannot get to my corpse to loot it. I die immediately upon entering the cave. I will try some other caves but it looks like Sinner’s Refuge has a problem.



Also I don’t have pc but some time ago in the cave of sobek I think was the name but the ground after you enter go through it and go to walk out the entrance disappears on the floor and you actually fall through go see if it’s back so I don’t get stuck again :rofl:

Ps funcom last I checked had a experimental mechanic that would kill or ban people for undermesh or dup and glitch so it may be a issue there

Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue and it’s still being tweaked. It will for now only affect official Testlive servers as we’re testing some anti-exploit measures in those servers which are not enabled in any other platform or branch.
Apologies for the inconvenience.


I also had this problem in Hanuman’s Grotto cave. Seems like any cave may exhibit this problem. Got to keep out of caves. How about a heads up when it is fixed?

Got to make more gear now.

Tested the, “enter cave, die” issue after the update this morning, it is still an active issue.

If there was no update, ignore this, I blame Steam.

Apparently, this bug got pushed out to live:


Mostly caused by mods, we’re trying to confirm it. :slight_smile:


Sinner’s Refuge tested on Public server - no issue, traverse cave normally.

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Great news! Thanks for following up :slight_smile:

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Fwiw, I ran through every cave in the southern desert last night twice on an official server and did not experience this issue even once.

No idea if it matters but I just ran through, no fighting or dodging.

well u need to run the caves in combat testlive us2 pve-conflict and say what server u did it on to

My testing indicates the issue is active in Testlive. I have not seen it on Live servers.

My bad. Was on a live server. Not test.

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