Falling through world


Might stop playing for awhile because losing endgame armor and not being able to retrieve it would totally suck. Yesterday had to repeatedly jump off cliff while spamming triangle cuz fell through the world somehow corpse was in the air.

Yeah, I’m holding off playing the game until this is fixed. Before I realized this major bug had slipped through, I died in the Black Keep and it took me half a dozen tries before I was able to recover my gear from my corpse (I kept dying over and over, and when you’re naked next to a truckload of skeletons, that ain’t fun).

And then I killed a mammoth, and my corpse was gone when I got back there. Lost all my endgame gear (most of which I can spend a few hours re-getting, but it still sucks).

Hope the devs can fix this quickly. I miss the game.

I simply died stepping in the entrance of a cave or passing trough a dead spider’s corpse (falling trough the world).
To avoid this open the settings and make you admin (if you are soloing), that resolves the issue until next patch that will come out un-tested as always.
(Of course new patch will generate new issues as always, this is becoming utterly ridiculous)

Hey there,

This issue has been fixed internally and coming in a hotfix sometime next week. Until then, since this bug is affecting single player and coop games, we’d recommend enabling “Make me Admin” under Settings/Server Settings/General.
Apologies for the frustration.

How is admin set in PS4?

Press the “Options” button on your controller, select “Settings”, now select “Server Settings” and you should see an option labelled “Make me Admin”, just click this and the jobs done. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well I do not know about the rest of you all but I do not play in admin and will not play in admin just to fix a bug that has been brought in with Funcoms update. Every single update a new bug, its getting old very fast.

Yeah untill they roll out a fix, im done also.

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