Major Game Problem after Patch

Game mode: Single Player
Problem: Bug/Crash
Region: Archives - Unnamed city

Every time I run through the door to the Archives In the unnamed city, I die. I have done this five times. I turned the game off and restarted and it still happened. It says you have been killed by falling through the world. I fought the dragon in the unnamed city and went to harvest him and I died. It said the same thing, you were killed by falling through the world. This just started today after the Patch/update.


I’m unable to recreate this issue on official server on PS4

I’ve been having almost exactly the same problem with my game. Starting right after the patch, every time i enter combat now I eventually randomly insta die with the death message " You were killed by falling through the world". The game is unplayable now, I was on the verge of uninstalling and moving on till I found this post. Hopefully this gets fixed ASAP.

After the patch, in local game, I die by ‘Falling through the world’ if I try to enter/exit the volcano from Dragonmouth. Could enter to the Volcano, but after killed the Snake boss, I die every time trying to enter or exit the Volcano from Dragonmouth. I have thrall (Ana the Reaver) with me.

No that same *hit happened while in combat, so bug report it is…but to where?

Well the forum bugs out as well, so hopefully the ‘Reply’ goes to proper thread, and gets action.

I find the Killed by falling through the world as soon as I touch the corpse of larger enemies. So far when I touch bear corpses and mammoth corpses I die. Only if they are dead though. So as I am fighting them, no problem, but as soon as they die, if my characters body is in or touching the carcass hitbox I get instant death. Then respawn with the “Killed by falling through the world”
Playing offline single player ps4. In the north in and around New Asgarth.

Hey @weezy2482

We’re aware of this issue and our team is currently looking into it.
Apologies for the frustration.


I play in ps4, official server Coop, I hace videos about that, it’s happenings and it’s impossible play in This Way
A great and not understanding pity

Thanks but you Can’t imagine how many hours to get good Things and for this error from the game it’s a sad waste of time

We’re directing feedback about this issue on this other thread:

Please let us know of any additional feedback regarding this problem in that thread.
Thanks and apologies for the frustration.