Killed by falling through the world

Game mode: [Offline| Singleplayer] PS4
Problem: [ Bug | Instant Death ]
Region: [US/North America]
So looks to be a common theme since the latest patch.
But anytime I try to harvest a Mammoth corpse, I die instantly as soon as I run into the corpse itself.
I then respawn with a message saying I was killed by falling through the world.
I was able to fight and kill the mammoth with my follower without any issue. It happens AS SOON as my body tries to enter the hitbox of the mammoths carcass.
I did not have any issue when I killed and harvested human thralls (YET!)
I am going to try kill and harvest other enemies to see what happens and add them to this post.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Kill a Mammoth
2.Step into corpse to harvest
3.Instantly died
4.Respawn with message saying “You were killed by falling through the world”

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