Farming Storm Fix Option

Instead of banning people for farming the storm like the game has it currently coded to, you can maybe make the creatures that spawn in the storm have less health making it easier or even manageable to farm them. In addition create a creature cap for each storm while having the creatures poison resisted. Storms should last no longer than 10 minutes and pop off every 30 minutes. Banning people for thinking outside the box that you are unable to think yourself is a slap in the face for people that want to invest their time into your flawed game that you cant get under control. 20-30 dollars for the game plus the expansion and you want to keep a player base?

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They’re not banning people for thinking outside the box, but for making an informed decision to do so despite knowing that it will cripple the server performance.



Anyone who thinks they have been banned unjustly should appeal the ban using the correct procedure described in the official rules:


wow you children can copy and paste lol. still doesnt go against the fact that im right.

Yes you are. This is outright nonsense.

Behave like a child? Get put in the corner like a child.

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They are working on a fix.
The code can’t be changed in a few days…

Be patient and do not use the known exploit, because when you do you deserve a ban.

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Need to fix storm. But even now t4 crafters to rare even if you do max surge after every strom, even then t4 crafter chance will be to poor. So of cource need to fix strom, but if
the percentage of t4 crafters will not be greatly increased, it wiil so sadly and

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