Fast travel and Maps

Hi, great game.

2 simple suggestions…

Fast travel…

If you have got to a place, you can set a start or end to a tunnel, load it up with relevent resources (possibly even thrall to do work) including wood, food for thrall, etc, and after a build time would award you with fast travel between point and gathered resources from the dig out of the tunnel, mainly stone, small amounts of iron, silver, gold, brimstone, etc.


New workbench… Cartographer. A way of clan members to share information on maps. The cart bench could be downloaded to and uploaded from to form a ‘clan map’ for people to share exploration points that they have come across. This could even include the introduction of a new thrall who could add extra map locations depending on where he is captured from.

Here’s hoping!


Love this idea really think some sort of fast travel should be available. I had considered horses to be introduced and rideable but much prefer this idea, Seems like something that people in this time frame might do?.

The cartographer as a way of sharing map info between clan members seems like a solid idea too again very in keeping with the time frame.

Good work pandanero!

What are you both talking about? Are you playing Conan exiles?

You know that you can learn cartographer from an NPC in unnamed city… and can teleport to attuned transportation beacons (obelisks) from any maproom, right?

The shame is that we cannot teleport right to our base (maproom to maproom teleportation or even maproom to BED)

The other idea is great tho unique and shareable map locations I like that. (and I do think of a possible prospect for it… the useless bearer thralls for example)

Relatively new players was not aware of the cartographer thing or the travel to attuned pillars.
Still thing the tunnels would be cool though going to anywhere you had previously been (marked locations)

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yeah maybe kinda… but I am afraid this would lead a complete underground system in a while on any server.
Which I really do not wanna experience. :smiley: Maybe it’s just me. But a massive no to me.

Anyways Just where the obelisk is in unnamed city there is a door to the north like 10 steps away from that obelisk.

You can sneak in even while you are at low levels. could not make the maproom tho till you get / learn the cauldron and be able to make some stuff with it. also you will need a lot of demonblood… BUT

The knowlegde is not level dependant afaik so you can use other’s maprooms to fasttravel wherever you found an obelisk already. and they have kinda good coverage for key areas.
if you build a base nearby one of them obelisks you can “almost” go home from everywhere on any PVE server. :smiley:

I’d prefer giving a very easy transport method like a flyer in Ark, so distance is not a problem anymore, or a fast mount that can go superfast speed mode but limited with stamina.

Because building base near obelisk for easy teleport to home, building wheel of pain near npc camp, that’s just bad. Or by building more than 1 maproom (if allowed or cmiiw) for places that we often visit isn’t how it’s really intended for fast travel.

In regards to the tunnels, I don’t mean that you actually have tunnels to run through but a point that represents the tunnel entrance which you then spawn at the other end. I agree that an actual underground web of tunnels would be an absolute nightmare!

As for sharing map info, it would also include points that people have added themselves together with the standard game points.

Thanks for the info on the obelisks. I didn’t know you could do that. I’ll certainly be going there next. Only been playing a few weeks and haven’t been everywhere on the map yet.

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Lot to discover than :smiley:
Have fun, and keep an eye out for those corrupted obelisks.
Btw dancer/entertainer thralls can get rid of your corruption just in case you haven1t knew that one .
So don’t be afraid to go near those stones. and interact with them.

Yo… this isn’t ark. A flying mount… come on now.

Play solo use admin teleport. Problem solved. :smiley:

A dragon as a mount tho… hmmm… Unfortunately Conans dragons are just big dogs… No wings no magic… shame on them.

My opinion, only two mounts, camel, which I heard is coming, and a horse. Which if anyone has fallen off of a cliff… the fall damage is severe which would translate into your horse dying as well…

^ I just couldn’t see any other mounts working. It’s not wow and it’s not ark. It’s completely different.

There are Giant-Hawk riders in Conan comic, even though he seems to kill them, not taking the mount.

I don’t mind whatever animal is used as a mount, a horse is very likely since Conan does ride horse in the comic.

Or can use whatever mount is used in Age of Conan the mmo game. This tiger mount from AoC is awesome

Elephants please I wanna tow them handfull of thralls at once behind an elephant… :smiley: