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I’m one of those players that still thinks map rooms are just too magical for the gritty world of Conan. I know they are way too convenient and so much a part of the game now that there isn’t even a possibility of them getting taken out of the game… but for those of us that would like an alternative to this dark demonic sorcery, I’d like like to suggest something else. Basically a caravan camp. It is a player built hub that allows players to fast travel to other discovered or placed hubs. They are automatically marked on the map with an icon. When you choose to fast travel, the map shows a horse carriage icon moving across the map on a dotted line like you see in the movies. The t3 caravan travels with a very low chance of interruptions, whereas the t1 single horse/camel caravan takes longer and has a higher percentage chance of being interrupted by random creatures/npc’s.

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In a way, there could be mounts in the game. You raise a horse, mule, or camel pet and then place it. It can follow you like a pack animal, or you can choose to saddle up. Then the animal becomes a T1 fast travel object. You pick a spot on the map to fast travel to and select the best pre constructed path - since there are mountains and obstacles that prevent straight line paths. Depending on the quality of the mount, the faster or slower your progress on the map goes. If you get unlucky and are interrupted, your fast travel stops at that point and you face some random obstacle. Could be bad or good. Bandits, other players, npc merchants, monsters, etc. Once interrupted, you spawn at that spot dismounted to deal with the obstacles. If you have a fast horse, you may get the option to ride around obstacles or re-route on the fly. If you manage to capture a baby bat deamon and raise it, you can fast travel over anything uninterrupted.

Decent idea but again mounts won’t work after certain speed because of the way terrain is generated and populated into the server. Falling through the map or getting stuck inside a mountain isn’t what I’d like to do.

I meant that the fast travel would take place on the navigation map in the form of an icon or marker. You wouldn’t actually get to ride in the game world. The pre made paths would be like typical road map lines on a road map. They could be faded out until selected.

Ah I see, would it be instantaneous from A to B or A to interrupt. Or would it be done real time, so if the mount takes 2 mins to get there the icon moves at that rate?

Why not just pretend the map room is a Caravan starting point then and the Obelisks are Caravan parking zones?

It wouldn’t be instant. Your icon would move along a path from a to b on the map at an accelerated rate depending on ‘mount’. You can get stopped along the way… or you can choose to just stop anywhere on the path.

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See that’s the fast travel that should have been in here from the start.

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The difference between using map rooms and virtual mounts would also be cost. Map rooms are expensive in resources as they should be. A mount could be made by low level players as soon as they raise them in animal pens. Destinations could be any location discovered, not just designated obelisks. Ofcouse if your mount gets killed in melee, you’ll be stranded… which would be an adventure itself as you have to run back across the map.

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You sir should make a new topic and get this out there.

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