Fast travel corruption while character cannot move

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It takes so long to load in when fast traveling from map room to obelisk. It takes a very long time after any load screen — the problem is that for this situation, when I can’t move for a couple minutes next to an obelisk, I am gaining corruption the whole time, a significant amount.
Why not just have the load screen take as long as it takes before counting my character in the vicinity? Instead it puts the character there, unable to move for quite some time. This could be very dangerous when enemies are near, as well as a problem gaining corruption.

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*I would expect for my character to be able to move when it loads in. I would expect a load screen to take as long as it needs to, but when my character is counted as being in the world, it should be able to move.

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  1. Fast travel to obelisk
  2. Loading screen is over, character is present and subk]jetted to environmental effects and whatever dangers are present.
  3. Cannot move for minutes, all while taking damage or corruption.
  4. (etc)

Ob lag and loading is where alot of bad pvpers get kills. They like to fight you when you cannot. Same story, replace corruption with death.

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Yes sometimes loading into obelisks can be problematic, personally I rarely use them. But that is mainly due to ob campers not corruption.

I agree that the character should only exist once it can move. But that might be a lot easier said, than done.

In the meanwhile you can use these leggings, to passively remove corruption.

Good luck!

I have this problem on the PS4 pro.
My Xbox One X seems to be fine and loads quick.

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