Fast Travel is an anti-feature

Game mode: [ PVE: (Online official)]
Type of issue: *[ Performance / Other *
Server type: [ PvE, but the issue likely applies across all modes. ]
Region: [ EU ]
Hardware: [ PS4 Pro]

Bug Description:

When using the map room to teleport and combat starts well before the game actualy loads and when it loads I’m dead.

This issue has been reported for TWO YEARS, and it’s sitll happening? Seems like an easy fix: invincibility or undetectable while the game is loading or REMOVE the spawns from being so freaking close to the obelisks that they attack you before you even start to move. Hours of work traveling around and gathering resources, gone. Just like that. 2 pack animals, gone. The gear and inventory of me and a friend which equates to mid 10’s of hours worth of grinding, building, exploring gone. 4 of our only 6 legendary items between us, GONE. All because you couldn’t be bothered to to make this feature work correctly these last two years.

Expected Behavior:

I expect to be able to fast travel somewhere and and having a fighting chance of making it out alive. If fast travel just kills me, I may as well just remove my bracelet. At least I can control where that happens and make provisions for my stuff being in a safe and accessible location.

Steps to Reproduce:

Play on PlayStation 4 Pro and fast travel to any of the guarded obelisks.

Edit: 6/16/2021

Some of this may be related to the Loading issues thread “Texture and asset loading issues after 2.4.4 - PS4Pro/PS5/Base PS4”
Tats thread catalogues a number of loading issues, including fast travel. However people have been till been reporting fast travel spawn deaths since it’s introductions.

Can confirm. This happened to me in the Unnamed City. I was dead before the loading screen cleared, killed by a skeleton. I was able to recover my thralls and gear, but still – not pleasant.

For the record, I’m on a standard PS4 in the US.

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