Died with all my gear using map

Game mode: online
Problem: [performance/bug]
Region: EU

Died teleporting through map because it takes to long to load the jungle in had full silent legion and weapon, this game is beyond a joke. Spend ages getting gear on my own and then I die to such a stupid thing, just make it so your character loads in after the loading screen!! Not after you die to 3 Panthers! Stupid game

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hello @Slim_cim, thank you for getting in touch, we apologize for the frustration that this issue has caused.

Just to clarify, could you please confirm that you died by falling through the map after teleporting due to a longer than usual load time?

What happens is when you use the map room and teleport to the jungle obelisk sometimes the panthers attack you while your still loading in the game I died about 3 times this way and at the obelisk above the arena sometimes the undead hyenas are attacking you but because I wear silent legion armor there attacks don’t hurt me enough I kill them right when I load in but the panthers hit harder and cause bleed damage

Same thing can happen if you teleport to the Black Keep obelisk.

Silent Legion Warriors attacking you while you’re loading in.

I’ve died at that obelisk before because of it, but it’s been months.

Yes it doesn’t happen all the time guess it depends where the enemies are when you spawn in

Thank you for sharing your feedback @Strider5599 and @SirMang , we’ll be sure to pass it along to the developers for further consideration!

Spent all day getting silent legion and the sword too getting all the materials for it just to die and lose it because it takes to long to load in! So annoying lost all motivation to get it back now, hardened leather and volatile gland are annoying to get

And now I’m on my 4th time logging in after getting dashboarded​:joy::joy: how the fk is this game full release it’s still as buggy as it was when I last played it

If you’re willing to invest the money, get a solid state drive. They make a huge difference on load time, and both rendering and lag issues. When my wife and I play with another couple, I could be the last one teleporting in, but I’ll be the first one “in” at the location. There have been a few times where I’ve killed the undead hyenas that were making mince meat or of the group because they hadn’t completely loaded in yet.

I’m on Xbox

I use a seagate external drive on my Xbox even though it helps on certain things it still takes time to load in at the obelisks

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