Teleportation instant death bug when teleporting to Dagon's Reach Obelisk

I’m playiing on Playstation 4, with a fast wired internet connection. I play on an official PVE server.

Prior to Siptah update I had no problems with the speed of asset loading. It was a brilliant technical achievement very impressive that it could be done at all. The world seemed to be seamless and with very little asset load wait. Sadly this has changed. Since Siptah,

Ok since the Isle of Siptah update streaming the world data has been VERY AGONIZINGLY SLOW, like when I enter an area I often have to wait for buildings to draw for minutes after I arrive. This is very gross to wait so long. It’s hard to play frankly.

The teleport bug is related to this slow loading problem which is now how Conan performs on PS4, SLOW asset loading.

I teleported to the Dagons Reach Obelisk which is risky because it is inhabited by violent panthers. In the past I would arrive and be unable to use my weapons or shields for 2 minutes while the world loaded. Meanwhile the Panthers will try and murder you and you cannot fight them. I used to be able to scramble to safety regardless of the broken weapon problem.

But now, the last time I teleported to Dagon’s Obelisk, I WAS DEAD ON ARRIVAL. Appartently the game spawned my characted into the panther nest, and while it was loading on my end, I was slain. I loaded into Dagon’s dead. And then the game forced me into a broken apparition mode, by choosing to send me to my bed as it does after death. And the game is broken after. I cannot hit start quit. it’s bugged because I died before I loaded, and respawned without input.

So in a nutshell can you please make the teleported character invulnerable to NPCs until the data loads. I mean dead on arrival is just not acceptable.

Thanks for your time please fix this teleport issue.

Edited: Sorry for filing this incorrectly as a bug and using the incorrect bug submission format. I am attempting to edit this submission as a ps4 suggestion rather than a bug.

Regardless of how you classify this event it is unwanted unintended behaviour.

When I teleport to any obelisk, it takes a couple of minutes to load assets, including weapon useage and user building loads. The Dagon Obelisk is particularly dangerous because the Panthers are waiting for you unless previously killed before respawning. This behaviour used to be amusing. You teleport and can fight panthers immediately. But since it takes two minutes to load weapons, I usually just scramble to a ledge for safety.

Now since the game is spawning me in the nest before I can even draw my character to move and run. I get killed before teleportation completes. INSTANT DEATH. NO way to avoid that death, unless the panthers are not there.

Can you mitigate the instant death by spawning players on a higher ledge perhaps? This would let the assets and weapons load before I get ganked prior to loading my end.

Thanks for your time and consideration with my suggestion to preventing instant death at Dagon’s obelisk prior to loading the player character’s ability to mitigate the attack.

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Make a suggestion about it, properly, this is not a bug and it is an individual performance issue that might be related with individual performance environment. Please respect the bug section, you are saving time to community to find and report the bugs so they can be fixed in time.
Now about your issue is something that’s been discussed many times. There are actual solutions to this, one of them is to travel with a thrall and before you know it your thrall will kill everything before you will be able to see it. However this is not the greatest issue, your greatest problems will be on the well of skelos. Exiting the well your possibilities to survive are very low even if you have your best thrall with you, the npcs guarding this exit respawn 15 minutes after you kill them, but making this dungeon for the first time to get trapezoedron you need more than 25, that means that at your exit your death is almost certain. So the best reaction to this is to try to hold a shield up when you pass the exit, sometimes it works, sometimes. If you go to fix obsidian make sure you exit the dungeon every 12 min, wait for the respawn, kill them and go back in.
The spawn of your avatar before you can even react will cause you greater problems on pvec and pvp, yet it is something you have to learn to deal with until they decide to change this behavior. Personally I would love this to be changed, It is something that I dislike too, yet their game, their rules.

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