Fatal error after going into singleplayer

So, I start up the game and try to play single player with mods installed, and after making the character and after the cut scene, I get a fatal error, is there any way to fix this so I can play with mods? Servers work just fine though.

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In all likelihood, one of the mods you have installed is the cause of your crashes. The first step would be to identify which one. So disable all mods, then start adding them back one by one until you get the fatal error again - the last one you activated is the culprit.

Then try to contact the mod creator via Steam to see if they have a fix coming up, or if it’s an abandoned mod that is no longer updated. In the latter case, you’re out of luck with that particular mod but you can still continue to use the rest.

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Oh thanks very much, I will definitely try this, will take a bit because Im using alot lol

You can also try to go through your Subscribed mods on Steam and see if there are any recent comments about the mod causing fatal errors if that’s easier for you. It’s probably one that hasn’t been updated recently.

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