Fatal Error crash at Funcom loading screen - right after downloading patch today

Also our Gportal server is cycling on and off - wont stay up. Anyone else having issues after the patch?

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Not just GPortal ServerBlend is having the same issue. No mods on the server.

Fatal Error same time to start the Game or Server.

Same thing here fatal error on lauch

Yea we have disabled mods one by one until there are no mods on server. did a ‘repair server’ with no mods, still cycling on and off.

Funny enough, my brother can get past the loading screen and play single player - just not on the server (obviously).

If you have mods loaded in single-player that are not yet compatible, they will crash your game. Give modders a bit of time to update.

My siptah (not modded) test server hosted by GTX, runs fine. For my modded, I need to wait for a few updates (e.g. Fashionist).

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Also have g-portal Siptah and a self-hosted EL map that are both throwing fatal errors after update/ Perpetual reboot for g-portal siptah: * Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0xffffffff**

and Exiled Lands: After starting server from dedicated launcher, popup states: VCOMP140.DLL was not found

I disabled/removed all mods

My game is crashing on the loading screan each time since downloading patch
I don’t think mods are involved in the crashes of the game

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If you are loading mods, they will crash on loading, yes. Remove your modlist.txt in \steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Mods

I already did this but my game continues to crash :frowning:
Thx for your help I appreciate

Unsubscribe from all mods and validate the game files.

Yep, same issue on G-portal for us as well with no mods activated.
Did rename my modlist file locally and that allowed me to at least start the game on my PC now. But doesn’t help in the long run.

Thx I can load the game without crash now !
I have to wait for the Gportal server to come back :slight_smile:

How do we re-validate a g-portal server. I can do the FTP but don’t know the commands.

I’m playing single player, and crash to desktop is occurring rather than login, with “Fatal Error” message. Sigh.

@Kithri are you running mods?

Got fatal error on attempted singleplayer login, so I deleted modlist. Still got a fatal error so I unsubbed from all mods, still got a fatal error. Validated files, and yet again got a fatal error.

Can you check your \steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\Logs. What crash entries do you get?

I can start a fresh game, but cannot play my save games.