Fatal Error: Unable to Locate Roothash

I logged on today after a minor patch, and things seemed to be going alright. Just bumping around Agartha. And then I lost connection to the server. I clicked to reconnect it, and it hung on me forever. So I closed it, went to reconnect the game, and the patcher blank-screens me. Just hangs on downloading patcher info. I went into the options to use the repair tool, and the result it gave me was Fatal Error: Unable to Locate Roothash.

After doing some snooping online, I saw that this has happened to at least two other people. One person’s problem was resolved after restarting. It triggered a patch or something, I don’t know, and apparently fixed their problem.

I have restarted my system a time or two. No patches for me.

Can you manually launch the patcher executable in your SWL directory?

Try running PatcherSetup, that’ll reinstall the latest patcher and associated files.

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Good idea, Aeryl!

Running PatcherSetup seems to’ve worked. At least on a preliminary level. I’ll either edit this post or add another one to confirm whether or not the solution sticks, but it looks pretty hopeful.

Another reply would be most helpful.

It’s holding up so far. I’m waiting until my next reboot to really say for sure that it squashed it, though. And I can’t reboot at this time. But again, it looks like this is probably the proper fix for the situation.

Thanks for your patience.


Yep, confirmed. Held up through a restart, and still holding.

Good fix, Aeryl!


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