Fatalities. From annoying to amazing in one single step!

Hello. So, hear me out. Fatalities are fine and all, but you can’t deny that they’re getting a bit annoying when you try to farm zeals. The npc that used to die in 1-2 hits now wobbles around and makes you wait before collapsing. Or you get impatient and hit them one more time (damaging the durability of your favorite legendary even more…) or perform the fatality to finally get the chance to gather that zeal.
Here’s a very simple solution how to turn this mechanic from annoying to amazing - add fatalities to the religious items. And make it so that if you execute an npc with it, you get 1 extra zeal.

Boom! You’re welcome for the idea!


I would mod it out of the game the second they made it.

Increasing the complexity for no reason is always a bad idea.

I am not a “regular tiktoker”, I can wait literally up to a second.

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Great idea! It brings to life the concept of religious fanaticism. Play like a true zealot!


Seems you may have missed this, @KorgFoehammer.
There is not an increase in complexity for the player to integrate @Kilix’s suggestion. This would be a different option added that would function the same but would extend value to the already existing executions. It would be the same as what devs would need to do if a new weapon was added but would give religious tools the slightest bit of an boost in efficency. I’d like to add that I like the idea but am unsure how much I would personally make use of it.


They should probably make the experience more fluid and a user’s deliberate choice to perform the fatality, before adding ways to justify the existence of them. As of now the fatalities are just flat out janky. Glad they put in an option to turn them off.


Extra zeal no. Fatalities with my Ank, hell yes.


Fatalities are awesome in age of conan. They randomly happen and there are many for each weapon.

They make one feel powerful and excited evey time it happens, add lots of fun and gets you wanting more.

In conan exiles they are more annoying than fun to be honest, i rather see my screen splatered in blood randomly than the current system…they buff is nice though, and the animation are cool.


2 extra zeals, i am greedy :laughing:.
This way people will complain that fatalities ain’t enough, give me more :rofl:.
Tbh, sometimes they can become painful especially in the heat of the battle. But when i smash their heads on the ground with the hammer, it feels awesome, i won’t deny it. And since we speak about religions…
It would be awesome while i do fatality with a religious weapon to get zeals too.
Sorry for taking it further, no intention to highjack this wonderful idea @Kilix :metal:.


An interesting idea. You would need fewer kills to farm a god token (yes, I know what you’re after, I know how much you like avatars even though the Zath one seems to hate you) - not exactly half because all NPCs don’t submit to wobbling for a fatality. On the other hand, it would require you to swap from your weapon to a religious farming tool while the victim is wobbling, so it would be some more effort to complete.

In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t sound horribly unbalanced. Your thralls would still ruin the show by killing the wobbler dead before you can finish him, it would be down to random chance of getting a wobbler instead of instant death, and it would require weapon swapping. Getting a handful of extra zeal out of rolling an NPC camp is probably not too much for that.

Yeah. Annoying especially as many of my favorite weapons don’t have the kick as the special attack option.


Avatars? Naaah, I’m here to load my chests with extra Lusttakers! :smiley: Since they’re so strong and all (ugh.)

And yes, I rarely play with thralls, but when I do they constantly finish off those wobbling guys before I can do the thing.
The whole fataliaty idea is not bad on paper. But what we have right now is just so junky and annoying. My suggestion in this threat is to improve it in the context of current system. Because if you go out and kill NPCs for any other reason except zeal farming - you don’t really care if they die right away or not.


Hi @Kilix. Coming from someone who loves the additional blood and gore introduced by fatalities, my compliments on an excellent idea! Furthermore, additional variety offered by the proposed religious fatalities can only be a good thing.

Now please do not take this as a negative, as I am in resolute support of your idea. But there is a blank spot here which may require some additional input of ideas from yourself and other members.

What about Crom? :mountain_snow:

Surwly we cannot see followers of a gloomy, savage barbarian god go without a brutal new fatality. Crom does not have a religious artifact, so Crom devotees would miss out on the additional fatality. Without us calling attention to it I can see him being overlooked. I am going to assume that it is simply the player swinging the tool into their foe and it is not the god performing the kill. In which case I see no reason we could not have a Crom specific fatality too. But how to use it then? Just to get us started (others should put forth ideas too!) her are two ideas

  • Crom devotees can activate an ‘unnarmed’ fatality, purely as an example, crushing the adversaries head with their bare hands. :smiling_imp: or
  • give the Sword of Crom and/or Crom’s Hammer fatalities which are unique from other greatswords or warhammers.

Anyone else got some good ideas? Oh how I have been yearning to say this next part again.

For CROM!! :mountain_snow: :metal:


Yea, i could certainly take or leave fatalities,
Personally it should just happen as a crit on last hit of the hp bar, you get a crit fatality autos, no crit on last hit to finish the target no fatality.

I thought each weapon had only one unique to it. Am i missing something, or is this what you meant?

Yeah, @Cyryus is talking about the Age of Conan, not Conan Exiles.


I don’t know if it’s good but it’s an idea!
The ones who chose religion of Crom to have fatality with bear hands. After all Crom gave us the gift of strength on birth. I do enjoy mule kick that sorcery has, but a finish “a la Steven Segal” 2 hands swiftly twist head for neck breaking and a mule kick that says “get lost dead meat” would be freaking awesome :laughing:.
Crom rules indeed :metal:!


I like it Stelagel. It is a good idea!

Not quite as cool as Steven’s dropping a steel i-beam through some guys chest like on Under Siege, :joy: but it is definately a cool idea. :smiling_imp: :metal:

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Crom has given all men his blessing, the drive to strive and slay.
Thus all fatalities are a gift from the brooding Lord on the Mountain.

But that hardly seems rewarding or engaging.

This one wholeheartedly agrees that giving the “of Crom” Legendary weapons unique fatalities, perhaps even ones that offer a better bonus than regular fatalities would be a grand nitch, perhaps the weapons of Crom could be repaired by enacting fatalities with them, thus meaning the counter point to the now low durability would be the weapon only breaks in the hands of those who don’t make a red paste of their enemies with them?

As a proponent of Legendary Weapons having a somewhat unique or novel affect, this resonates strongly. Some weapons glow, some are weightless, some just make a bloody mess.


for me it would be enough to turn off fatalities for bows …
I hit an NPC in a purge , he has a few HP left …I hit him again and he has 1 HP left and is waiting for the final shot… 100 m away , no I’m not really going there to finish him off - and an enemy that dies in this “state” usually doesn’t count for me in the challenge to kill enemies in purges


Really? I rarely use bows so didn’t even know that. The system is even worse than i thought :<


Yes, bow fatalities are pure pain in the ass. The “dead” guy stays upright, wobbling and blocking my line of fire to the next guy in line. Or, because I often snipe NPCs from far away, I can’t be certain from the distance whether he died and didn’t realize it yet, or was actually left with a handful of HP. So either I waste an arrow, or a valuable second of my time trying to determine the exact state of deadness of my freshest victim.