Fate Reborn Launches - US - Siptah Server - [PvP/4H5XP][WKND Raid] - No mods

Fate Reborn has opened an Isle of Siptah server, due to renewed interest from our community and to have a server that helps ramps newer players into the community.

Fate Reborn is a PVP community designed to give players the best and most complete Conan Exiles PVP experience of any other server.

The goal of the server is to promote PVP growth and raiding, which is why we have higher XP rates and Harvest rates. Ideally, striking a balance that if someone is raided, they can get back on their feet quickly but have gear worth raiding.

Fate Reborn PVP servers run 15 Week Seasons broken down into three five-week Sprints. Sprints will be labeled as Early, Mid, and Late. The Fate Reborn community will run events during those sprints, encouraging PVP and promoting the community. At the end of the Season, a server vote will happen, where we decided if the Season will get extended or wipe to go for a week while the Fate team prepares for the next Season.

The server also has anti-griefing policies and raid protection to allow a raided person to rebuild safely.

Server Information:
Name: Fate Reborn (PVP) - CST - Fresh Wipe 5xH|7XP (EEWA, AoC , Raid WKND)-
Launch – 3/12/2021 – 6pm EST - Password protected till Launch date
Direct connect:
Discord: https://discord.gg/GQxWp27rke 28

Server Features:
70 player slots – Dedicated Server and Host
PVP is 24/7 - building damage is permitted Saturday/Sundays 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm

-Raid Protection

Don’t waste your time here. There is a clan that offlines the entire server. They apparently don’t have lives or families. They Grief other players constantly.