Fate Reborn (PVP) - CST - Fresh Wipe 5xH|7XP (EEWA, AoC , Raid WKND) - Launch 3/12/21

Fate Reborn is a PVP server designed to give players the best and most complete Conan Exiles PVP experience of any other server. The server has been freshly wiped on March 7th, 2021, and will start a new chapter on the Exiled Lands map.

The goal of the server is to promote PVP growth and raiding, which is why we have higher XP rates and Harvest rates. Ideally, striking a balance that if someone is raided, they can get back on their feet quickly but have gear worth raiding.

Fate Reborn will run 15 Week Seasons broken down into three five-week Sprints. Sprints will be labeled as Early, Mid, and Late. The Fate Reborn community will run events during those sprints, encouraging PVP and promoting the community. At the end of the Season, a server vote will happen, where we decided if the Season will get extended or wipe to go for a week while the Fate team prepares for the next Season.

The server also has anti-griefing policies and raid protection to allow a raided person to rebuild safely.

Server Information:
Name: Fate Reborn (PVP) - CST - Fresh Wipe 5xH|7XP (EEWA, AoC , Raid WKND)-
Launch – 3/12/2021 – 6pm EST - Password protected till Launch date
Direct connect:
Discord: https://discord.gg/GQxWp27rke

Server Features:
70 player slots – Dedicated Server and Host
PVP is 24/7 - building damage is permitted Saturday/Sundays 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm
Community market and player-driven economy
Custom teleports and warp
Helpful starter kits for new players
Lots of custom items, custom armors, and weapons added.
The level cap is 300 - Ascension 7
Raid protection and rebuild kits

An active and engaged staff that is dedicated to creating the best Conan experience possible

Mod List
-Exile Extreme
-Sexy Silent Legion armor
-High heel System
-Grim Production
-Mod Control panel
-Better Thralls
-Glory of Combat
-Glass Construction
-Kerozards Paragon leveling - Multigun
-Hosavs temporary npc teleport
-Hosav Custom UI mod
-Admin Island with Nodes
-Creative -Less building Placement -Unlock Plus with pickup


Just launched ! Open world , come try us out

Joined the server today and its has been really fun competing with everyone starting fresh. So far been an average of 20 people online and already some good pvp action. Mod list is nice and so far the server has been running smoothly.

Server launch went awesome. Community looks to be pretty fun.

Launch went smoothly and the mod list and admins are spot on. Good place to be so far!

Fresh server. Great launch. Well balanced server rules and configuration! Very responsive admin!

great sever with good balance of mods. sever is oriented to PVP with high harvest rates and XP. Lots of helpful guides for AOC/EEWA to help new and forgetful players alike. Admins are always aiming to balanced the sever to get the most out of your Conan experience.

Fresh launch, lots of fun so far. Admins really responsive and players really helpful.

Love the server and the Mods
Very helpful Admins Great community

Bump and edited the IP address as we have moved to a new dedicated server

This is by far the best server I have played on in a long time! Very well run and managed. 10/10

Solid choices in mods, and the admins have been genuinely helpful whenever I encounter an issue. One of the better servers out there. Highly recommend!

I joined this server a solo player, and have been very impressed with how easy it was to dive in. I love how the settings allow for fast setup, but also offer more in-depth and grind-heavy mods like eewa and aoc, if youre into that sort of thing (and I am!) I love a server with infrastructure and a player run economy, and this server has both! Not to mention server vendors that buy and sell, offering an opportunity to earn coin however works best for you. Hits all the marks for me, and it’s much appreciated :smiley:


Amazing server. I love it <3

This is an absolutely amazing server join and play it 100% recommended : )

Love this server great admins! Great community, someone is always willing to help. very fun and lots to learn

Most interesting server, really enjoyable, lot of stuff to do and new things to learn, 100% reccomend to play.

When I joined it seemed like a great server. Map rooms by obelisks, weekend raid only, interesting mods. However once I played for two weeks I realized that there are 2-3 alpha tribes who make up 95% of the player base. They are Lvl 300 with end game EEWA gear, which means even if you are lvl 300 with end game faction gear you do zero damage to them. With this being said. Since they have nothing else to do, they will stalk new players, kill them while they try to farm and build their base. Once you get your base almost finished they will come and destroy your base bc they are bored ( that’s the reason they gave to stalking new players)… this was my experience with my 3 other tribe mates who wanted to play casually however the admin on the time didn’t care that the alpha was raiding new players… This server is dead bc of how it lets the alphas destroy new tribes bases. No new players only alpha tribes left on this sever.

Be warned play at your own risk, I would not invest any time into joining Fate Reborn…

After this experience I’d rather play on an official server… that’s how good it was.

P.S. they positive reviews are from admins and alpha tribe players… hoping to get any new people to play so they can raid their base at lvl 200 and stalk and kill you while you farm.

I was a level 274 farming for some Vulcan Bees for arrows and came across an admin named Ash. I said “hi” in local and then got attacked by magic twice. She stopped and then said “I’m so tempted to murder you while you’re sickling the bushes.” The admin has endgame gear, level 300, 3+ constellation most likely more, and end game magic. They tell me that there’s a noob zone from level 1-200 and after that you’ll get raided by the big dogs of the servers that are friends with the owner and admins whenever they get bored.