Fate Reborn (PVP) - CST - Fresh Wipe 5xH|7XP (EEWA, AoC , Raid WKND) - Launch 3/12/21

Just join the server. Best admin team i have seen running a server. A++ if u looking for a fun server to play on without the drama this is the one

Going to stick around for another season. This has been may favorite server for over a year even before the name changed to fate reborn with a new ADMIN team. They have continued to make server and game play balances to improve game play. They have continued to provide guides for new and old player alike. The hardest truth about this sever, or any conan server that is not pay to win is that you’re either an alpha or you’re not. I look forward to the next season wipe, (to see who the new ALPHAS will be) it will be a fight to be the ALPHAS. This is a hard core PVP server with raiding- its not for everyone.


Sorry, you feel this way; at Fate, the admins try their best to provide a positive experience for everyone. That said, I don’t think the server is dead; we are near the end of our season, which wipes in 3 weeks. So your comment about 3 Alpha clans nearing the end is valid as they are battling it out to see who wins the season.

As for your attack on your base, you guys raided or tried to salvage off another alpha clan who got raided, and they went for you; otherwise, I am sure they would have ignored it. The reviews here are by the community, and people can post excellent or negative reviews., think the biggest thing is we encourage reviews, in general, to see or adjust in how we need to change.


We have had 215 people sign up and play over the 14 weeks that have gone over the season; out of those 215 players, 92 of them have hit higher ascensions than Ash has. If you’re nearing the end of the season, people are going to have end-game gear. All the admin logs are posted in the discord for visibility and for people to see. I understand you had a negative experience on another aoc server, by the looks of it, I hope you try us again along with Cheezit above for when season 2 starts up again and we have a fresh wipe.

With that, the Admins produce a fair community that is respectable by all.

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To anyone reading this negative review, I’m the clan leader that attacked their base and ‘stalked’ them. When these guys started out on the server I gave them tons of building material, gear, and weapons to help them get started. We got raided saturday night and took some heavy damage and they were among the people attacking our base. So the next day we returned the favor. They had a tower base with anticlimb to their crafting area. We blew to their crafting room and left. Meanwhile they were egging us on the whole time. ‘Is that all you got’… ‘So boring’… etc. So this guy is upset because we raided them back after giving them tons of stuff to get started and we purposely didn’t go into their base and loot any stuff. This guy just doesn’t belong on a pvp server. Straight up and down. Almost forgot the stalking part… I found their base and when I ran up to it they were outside. I literally didn’t kill any of them. Just messed with them. Even if I killed one of them I wasn’t going to steal all their loot.

Also to anyone thinking about playing or want to play I’d still be more then happy to share my spoils and help out anyone new on the server. I got a ton of materials and gear that I could still give out to people. It’s nearing the end of the season so most of the stuff will go to waste. My ingame name is Cheez

Sick server mate 10/10 would take it out to dinner again

Awesome server and admins! Excited to be here!

Awesome server !

Hands down the best AoC server. The Admins are very responsive to problems and work to help new players learn the mod.