Fate Reborn - US - [AOC/EEWA] [PVP] [WKND Raid] [5XH/7XP] - Season 2 Launch (fresh wipe) June 4th - 6 PM EST

Fate Reborn is the largest AOC/EEWA PVP server designed to give players the best and most complete Conan Exiles PVP experience over any other server.

The server has been freshly wiped on June 3rd 2021, and will start its next season on Exiled Lands map.`

Fate Reborn Promo Video: https://youtu.be/ytLhJMJE2Q4

Conan fate index

The goal of the server is to promote an active PVP and raiding play style, which is why we have higher XP rates and Harvest rates. Ideally, striking a balance that if someone is raided, they can get back on their feet quickly.

Fate Reborn will run 15 Week Seasons broken down into three five-week Sprints. Sprints will be labeled as Early, Mid, and Late. The Fate Reborn community will run events during those sprints, encouraging PVP and promoting the community. At the end of the Season, a victor will be crowned as the season winner and will earn a bonus for next season.

The server also has anti-griefing policies and raid protection to allow a raided person to rebuild safely.

Name: AOC/EEWA - Fate Reborn [PvP/5H7XP][WKND Raid]

Launch – 6/4/2021 – 5pm EST - Password protected till Launch date

Direct connect:```

Discord: https://discord.gg/6JYvvYv8kf

• 70 player slots – Dedicated Server and Host

• PVP is 24/7 - Raiding is Saturday/Sundays 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm CST

• Community market and player-driven economy

• Custom teleports and warp

• Helpful starter kits for new players

• Lots of custom items, custom armors, and weapons added.

• The level cap is 300

• Raid protection and Bounce back Kits

• An active and engaged staff that is dedicated in creating the best Conan experience


One more week to go before Season 2 Starts!

Launch day is in 1 week! Server will be opening at 5pm EST. Be there to claim your spot!

New to the AOC game but this server is well worth it. Admin team is amazing and they have so many custom things they have built and coded into there server. If u looking for a good server to play on i would highly recommend this server guys. Looking forward to the new season

Amazing serer with amazing admins. Would recommend.

Competitive, friendly, and barbarically honorable community. They might GANK you for fun if caught unaware but might leave most of your loot unless you have something really good on you. Expect to hear something like “Get good Nerd… Thanks for the Speedy Boots, left everything else though gg” lol. Mods like AOC might seem a bit daunting but between the guides, admins, and other players; I have hit the ground running. Updates affect systems differently and can cause random errors, but the admins are usually looking into how to fix it before I even ask what I’m overlooking.

Great team here with Admins and Players. Not a bad spot to checkout. See you in Season 2!

Fresh seasons are always fun, looking forward to stabbytimes on this solid server :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Great server looking forward to season 2

Played here season 1. Has been a great experience. Admin team is friendly and beyond helpful. Darkwynn does a great job with working with all the patches and keeping the server running smooth. Excited for season 2.

Played AoC of and on for a few years now. Having been ran over by unruly admins and friends of the server has always seemed to be an issue on most servers, however, this one has proven to be different. Server runs smooth, people are rather friendly, and even the PvP is light hearted and fun. Discord community is one of the best I’ve seen for a game where we are trying to murder one another, so mad props on both the server and community you’ve seen to grown here.

The best AoC/EEWA PvP server out there. Admins are great and very responsive.

Season Two Launch Is going great! Good to see that people have stuck around from the first season!.

Best AoC server! Super fun and great Admin team

Season 1 was my first experience with Conan. Great server, fun community, and very helpful admins!

Season 2 start day, been great so far. I have about 600 Hours of Conan played, this server and community keep my attention.

Great server, the absolute best one ive played on, with 2k hours playtime this one beats the rest. Awesome admins and gameplay is so much fun

40 people on server still runs like butter, good pvp community. what more can you ask for

Great server

Love how much you can do and edit, awesome people to talk to and play with! :smiley: