The Shattered Reborn (PVE/C, PS4, Discord)

If you are searching for a new server, please give The Shattered Realms a try! If you are interested after reading this ad, please reach out to our recruiting team on discord at Armageto#0266 or on PSN at Armageto80. We are a PVE/C server looking to take on new players. We want to make the server fun for all types of styles of play. A helpful and active admin team of four is on standby, which helps maintain good coverage thru out the day. We require discord for all players, which helps you get to know the community and keep up to date on events and prizes. We also have a server currency setup, which will allow for much easier trading between players, as well as easy access to items you need in our admin bazaar.

The server has a focus of keeping players entertained outside of the base game. We have multiple event builds, and intriguing optional PVP system, and more. The Welcome Center gives a player just coming in a helping hand, while the bazaar offers you a walk in experience for shopping . Community event builds, such as the Arena of Assortment, Maze of Death, and the ForgottenVillage (just to name a few) will hold weekly events. Players will be able to battle NPC’s or other players within the server for prizes or server currency.

Server Settings & Info

  1. Daily server reboots at 3AM/PM & 9AM/PM EST time, to help the server run smooth.
  2. Craft Cost .75
  3. Harvest 4.0
  4. 2.5 XP
  5. Longer days with reduced nights
  6. Max Clan size of 5
  7. Clans are allowed two bases and two outposts. Single players one base, while a second could be built for PVP. We are reworking our weekend PVP for a great, fun experience!
  8. Bodies don’t remain in world during logout and no loot dropped on death.
  9. Players from all across the globe. US, Sweden, Australia, China, and more!

Why check us out?

  1. A friendly community and admin team. We don’t tolerate toxic players or trolls. A lot of other servers say this, but we MEAN it.
  2. Server is PVE during the week, and PVP on the weekends (Fri-Mon). You can opt out of PVP with our simple flag system. You can even opt out of PVP as a player with a provided head gear.
  3. A community builds for events and players to practice at. We have an Arena of Assortment which is functional for multiple styles of games. Practice jousting, or try your luck to make it thru the maze, which is really fun for team battles. Our events are fun, a good way to meet community members, and sure to test the mettle of even the strongest Conan warrior!
  4. Server Currency. Makes it a lot easier to have for trading purposes. Buying an item you can’t find on drops in the admin or player walk in markets, plus more!
  5. Maprooms at the Obelisk’s.
  6. Admin team is five strong, who actually play the game as players. Reachable and understanding of issues players have, because we play too! Close to 24 hour coverage.
  7. No wipes

If you’d like to learn more, or check out or discord, please let us know. I can type for another 2 hours about the server. We are pretty much a players server. We like to take on ideas and feedback. The server has been paid for the rest of this year, so no worries about it disappearing one day. If you care to donate to the server, we have different tiers of packages that combine some useful stuff with server currency. We have a password lock, to try our best to keep out random trolls. Plus again, we DON’T tolerate toxic players or trolls. Any infraction against our simple rule set, without a logical reasoning, will be dealt with swiftly.

Thanks for taking the time to read our ad and have a great New Year!


Opened up the Death Run tonight, was a lot of fun. Colosseum was opened on Friday. Worked out well because some players need to re-level up their thralls since the FunCom glitch.

If you like a server that runs events, with helpful/honest admins, give us a look! Community is growing, but plenty of nice spots left open.

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We are on our normal weekend event schedule of Sat at 9:30 PM EST time for this weekend. A lot of people seemed to like the Death Run, so going to have that again. Also our grand opening for the Bloody Dreadnought as well. If enough people are interested in some more events, might open a few for Sunday. Our Colosseum and Circus Maximus are always open during the week for practice, thrall leveling, etc.

If anyone is interested, a good time to jump in. Get leveled up some before the events. A lot of events, we supply the armor or weapons as well. Prizes for winning and participation. Earn server currency to use in trading or the admin shop.

Recruiting has gone pretty good, but still looking for a few more players to round out the server. If you are looking for a PVE/C server that is focused on events and the idea of merchants with a server currency, this should be a good spot for you. There is PVP on the weekend, although players/bases can opt out. We are building a nice community, with helpful players in all different time zones. Won’t be over crowded and well monitored, so no issues getting into the server, places to build, needing help for long periods, or trolls. If interested, feel free to reach out to us. Thanks and have a great weekend!

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I’m currently playing on this server and what a nice server. The admins are active. They listen and take suggestions from players, which is amazing. They’re very helpful too. Creative events on the weekends, I could mention all the events but I think you should try it yourself. more and more players are coming so it’s getting really fun doing events together. The server has discord currency which makes trading way easier, trust me! Also admins shop where you can get basically anything you want. They’re being selective with hiring, so we only get quality players. Which let me tell you, it saves you a massive headache, no trolls, players help other players and the community are very welcoming. I really consider admins and players play the biggest part in experiencing the game, so I’d say I’m having the time of my life playing Conan on this server. I really want the server to grow bigger by getting more players so the game can be even more fun than it already is. So, guys check out the server and give it a try.


Thank you very much for the review. We’re glad to have a quality player as yourself on the server!

This is a fantastic server in all aspects, A small but really friendly and active community where playing together and just having a good time is the number 1 prio. If its a PvP challange between clans and admins or just casual gameplay everyone is welcomed to join in and tag along.

This is what a Conan Exiles server should be all about, Friendly players and active and helpful admins that takes the playerbase suggestions in concideration and we all are a part of making the server better and better.

Try it out yourself, you wont be dissapointed!


Thanks for the review Viva. The server owners and myself try out best to keep a clean, fun, and fair server for everybody. Hope to see you at the events tomorrow and have a great weekend!

Somebody asked a question as to where the server was based, so I’ll answer here as well. The server is based in the EST time zone. However, we have players all over the globe. We have a nice gathering from Australia, with three clans in from the continent. We also have a clan from China, and are starting to get some players in from the EU, as well as players from the states here. So no matter what time zone you are in, you should be able to find a clan to join or players to go out adventuring with.

We changed our reboot times as well to accommodate some of our player base. We now have our reboots at 2AM/2PM EST. Seems to work better with a lot of our overseas players and for running events as well.

If anybody has any interest, please let me know. Feel free to reach out on Discord, PSN, or here. Thanks and enjoy the rest of you weekend!

Still looking for a few more solid players, so wanted to bump up the post. We have our Saturday events coming up tomorrow, so a nice time to start up in the server and earn some server currency, while having fun. Welcome center and slightly boosted stats will help get you up to speed a little faster, plus a lot of events, the admin team gives you armor/weapons for, to average everything out for players.

On tap for tomorrow should be the Panic Room, the Death Run, and the Bloody Dreadnought. If any of the post seems interesting to you, please feel free to reach out to us on Discord or PSN. Thanks and have a great weekend!

For some of our odd events, extreme horse jumping and thrall fall opened up last night. Everyone seemed to have a blast with them! A lot of new people took part in our multiple level ship battle, which was my first time experiencing that beast as well. Ended the night with an extreme horse race. If you are looking for fun, sometimes odd events, we are a server to take a part of! If anyone is interested, reach out to us via discord at Armageto#0266 & Armageto80 on PSN. Thanks!


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We are adding a midweek afternoon event soon to our schedule. Even with this server being a US east coast server, we have players spread out across the globe. We have A LOT of players from Australia, as well as a few from China, Sweden, and some other EU areas. To accommodate the time differences, we’ll be adding a midweek event, probably on Weds afternoon, so everybody can have their chance for some fun and to earn server currency for trade or the admin shop. Plus still maintaining our Saturday night event and our Friday night by demand server event.

Still looking for a few good players to round off the server. If anybody is interest, please feel free to reach out on Discord at Armageto#0266 or PSN at Armageto80. Thanks and have a great weekend!

For our weekly update: First month and change has gone great for the server. We have a nice community base so far, just hoping to add a few more this month to round it off. We actually have a new upcoming server game in the works that will allow players to actually win REAL money, so that is sure to be something you won’t find anywhere else. Going to have our first midweek afternoon even this week to help out the players in the opposite time zone. Also a new event build is in the works which should be fun for everybody. Please feel free to reach out on Discord at Armageto#0266 or PSN at Armageto80 for more info on the server or interest in joining. Thanks and have a great weekend!

hey there!!! friendly player here and would love to check out your server because I finally quit an abusive server and would love to join one i can be in a long time. I love to grind the game mostly but would love to take part in some role playing, jousting tournaments, helping others with dungeons, trading, etc. KardiacKids

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Sounds good to me my friend. If you send me a discord friend request to Armageto #0266 I can help get you started.

Also, no need to worry about abuse in our server. We try our best to eliminate any toxic players or situations before they get going. So far we have been pretty lucky with who we have brought in. Great group of players from around the globe.

Thanks for joining Kardiac, glad to have you and your teammate aboard!

Admin money chests are now in the land as well. A chance to have fun not only with the game, but creative events and chest searches as well. Plus a chance to win ACTUAL money playing a game you love!

We’re trying our best to keep people entertained outside of the regular playing of the game. 8 interesting and creative events, with weekly events scheduled twice a week. Admin chests scattered thru out the land, that can give you some in game items, server currency, or even real money. Friendly and helpful community and admin team. Going outside the box to give players an engaging Conan experience!

Just had our first $10 chest found today. We like to come up with fun events and contests to keep players busy from the game itself!

Should be opening our latest event build this weekend, making it 10+ builds for the server, with most having multiple games that could be played. If you are a big fan of events, this would be a server to check out. We have events usually twice a week. We also offer thrall leveling during the week at the Colosseum, which we leave open in case any players want to PVP. Players can also practice jousting or on the horse race track any time during the week as well.

If events are high up on your preference for a new server, come on by! To go along with admin chest searches and random contests, we try to keep players entertained outside the regular game itself.

The newest ninja warrior course challenge was A W E S O M E! Mad fun!! Great job team admins!

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Thank you very much Itstutuz! We try our best to make fun and compelling events. One of the goals for the server was to keep players busy outside of the regular game play with fun events or contests. Glad you are enjoying everything and thanks for being here as well!