Feats Menu not fully scrolling down

Game mode: Both
Problem: Bug
Region: EU

Hey, so I was messing around on the online official servers when I discovered this bug. I am currently a acolyte of Derketo however when I arrived in Muriela’s Hope I decided to also learn the religion of Mitra. After this happened I found that I couldn’t scroll down on the Feats menu as far as I normally could. I thought it was just glitched and went on to single player to see if it was fixed, it wasn’t. So I tried turning the Xbox/Game off, still wasn’t fixed. Killed myself, didn’t fix. It’s possible to go to the bottom of the tab screens, just can’t see them and it’s starting to get annoying using the Search tab now since it’s getting confusing when I unlock new things.
If this can be patched I would greatly appreciate it.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
(Disclaimer: I do not know if this can be produced again or if this is how it happened)

  1. Create a character with any religion but Crom (I’m using Derketo)
  2. Travel to a sanctuary which allows you to learn a new religion
  3. Accept the Religion
  4. Enter the feats menu and see if you can see the very bottom of each page

:-1: Alot of the different menus are not scrolling after the last patch

All menus not scrolling down. Its a big problem after halloween.

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