Scrolling down still broken


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Still having trouble scrolling down in menus. I can usually exit the menu and go back into it then scroll down, but when I go to feats and try to scroll down to the Sag religion it’s stuck just above it. I can see the first recipe that I learned from the dungeon but I can’t scroll down any further to the upgrades. I tried waiting and then reopening it, but it still doesn’t work. Thank you for your time.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


That scrolling down problem occurs in several more menus. E. g. the DLC-buildings or the weapon-upgrade talents etc.


Same problem.


Same as well. Also you cannot scroll your thralls list in the thrall pot, and some other places as ViewtifulFlo pointed out. Also the large chests, crafting stations I have noticed sometimes you got to go out and back in to get the scrolling to work.


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