Scrolling Down bug in Feats menu and Thrall pot

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Here]

  1. I am unable to scroll down in the Thrall Pot’s ‘feeding from this…’ menu. I should also add for the record that it doesnt actually feed the thralls. I know this has been addressed previously, just thought I would add my voice to the choir.

  2. I am still unable to scroll down to the bottom Feats in the said menu, rendering numerous feats unusable. Some examples are:

-In the ‘home’ category: cant see below weapons selection: weaver and acolyte of Mitra is missing.
-In the ‘construction’ category: cant see past the Frontier Mason heading: frontier crenelated wall is missing.
-The ‘decorations’ category seems unaffected: ends with cartographer.
-In the ‘survival’ category: cant see past the water well heading, large water well is missing.
-The ‘weapons’ category seems unaffected: ends in kinscourge weapons.
-The ‘armour’ category seems unaffected: ends in fine metal crafts.
-The ‘religion’ category suffers the most: cant see past Bower of JhebbelSag heading: so cant upgrade to the Retreat of JhebbelSag or beyond!
-Finally the ‘search’ category seems unaffected.

Although some of these are little more than an inconvenience, the large water well and JhebbelSag upgrades are really frustrating! Unlocking the JhebbelSag religion as a solo offline player was tricky, and now we cant upgrade it!? Will a fix for this be released anytime in the near future? Please say yes…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Interact with Thrall Pot or open the Feats menu
  2. Try unsuccessfully to navigate all the way downwards
  3. Utter a series of profanities to yourself

Exactly this has been grinding my gears for soon 3 months…

I feel your frustration on this one, while some of the missing items can be found in other menus others cannot (unless I have overlooked them). Not being able to upgrade the JhebbelSag shrine past lvl 1 is especially problematic.

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this should be fixed since the last update

Havent had a chance to download it and check yet. If so thats great; thanks for the good word. Will confirm or update the thread as soon as I know anything.

I know its a bit late, but it is indeed fixed now. Thankyou for the heads up koder.

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