[Feedback] Occult Defence Inspiring Mutators

The Inspiring Mutator has a 5-meter persistent green area of effect around itself that reduces the damage taken for all allies within it by 50% and heals them over time. This area buff has no restrictions on the number, nor type, of enemies that can receive it at a time, except for the Inspiring Mutator itself, who mercifully cannot benefit from its own mutative properties. Effectively, all enemies with a large enough maximum health pool who wander inside the aura are impossible to kill until the Mutator is eradicated, since the damage they take is reduced by half and the healing over time is strong enough to regenerate their health to full in a matter of seconds. This isn’t such a problem on lower tier waves when you have more substantial DPS relative to the health of your enemies and Inspiring Mutators spawn one at a time. But for the more extreme waves–perhaps Wave 27 onward?–this effect becomes so onerous that a Mutator could survive for a long time before it is defeated or be impossible to target in a crowd of allies it’s sustaining indefinitely.

Vampires and Spirits especially prove overbearing with the Inspiring mutation. Both enemies types heal themselves and frequently halt movement to cast spells, making any attempts to try separating the fast mobs from the slow ones through kiting ineffective. How is a lone player expected to target an Inspiring Mutator in a crowd of more than six enemies, much more a crowd of dozens, with no way to discriminate? Most abilities have a limit of six enemies than can be targeted at any moment, and there’s an upper limit on the amount of damage one is capable of dealing in a short span of time, based on gear and build, to mitigate the dangerous situations that can arise when an Inspiring Mutator is allowed to live for too long.

It’s not just an ordeal for lone wolves. Duo scenarios eventually start spawning two Inspiring mobs at a time with ludicrous (albeit, despairingly hilarious) results starting around Wave 31. For an example of what I mean, I encourage you to watch a video of Steppaz and me (from 1:26:01 through 1:35:36) encountering as many as seven Inspiring Mutators in Wave 33:

Perhaps there is more we could have done if I my damage output matched that of my partner (I made up 42% of our damage), but when you consider that Inspiring becomes more difficult to overcome compared to other mutations at this stage in Occult Defence, and you combine that with the Rising Strength enrage condition recently introduced that increases the damage enemies deal once they’ve lived for more than five minutes and applies five status effects to every player periodically, there’s little room to argue that Inspiring is unfairly punishing in its current state.

Allow me to make a few suggestions to improve the imbalance in difficulty:

  • Limit the enemies who can be inspired to those allies who enter the field with the Mutator, as it works for the Avenger and Charged mutations.
  • Limit the number of Inspiring Mutators that can spawn in a wave. How can Wave 35 be surpassed when it’s possible to face as many as seven of them at a time, given that Rising Strength is now a reality?
  • Reduce the heal over time effect. Vampires, Spirits, and Deathless can, by virtue of their powerful heals and barriers, extend the length of a scenario wave significantly. Combined with Inspiring, the starting point from when you can potentially damage these mobs comes later, changing Rising Strength from a possibility into a near inevitability that can cascade into a hopeless ordeal, more so when the Mutators are capable of healing themselves.

Have you tried tab targeting them one at a time and burning them down?

Kidding, I’m really glad you posted some footage of this though, that’s one thing I wish there was more of during the competition. Some of the attempts were something out of a comedy act.

I can only imagine what it’s like now after the changes. I’ll watch the video later but being that it’s you and Steppaz doing this it even more so hammers home the fact that there probably needs to be some adjustments made. As far as I know no ones been to 35 since the competition.

Give the inspiring guy a higher health pool but instead of healing, have all damage dealt redirected to him maybe?

Mutators already have 20% more HP than their ally counterparts (and Behemoths have a lot more, of course).

Right but if the inspired guy was taking damage dealt to up to six other targets he’s gonna go down pretty quickly without a buff.

I dunno how to parse it out of the video but can 2 Inspiring mutators heal each other? Seems like that’s the worst case scenario, even beyond inspiring vampires (who can self heal enough that they’re already a pain in the ■■■)

They can. If you get two of them together it creates a practically invincible duo until split.

I am almost positive this is not true. All mobs affected by the Inspiring aura get a blue Inspired icon on their buff bars. As evidence for what I mean, go to 1:29:24 in the above Twitch video. You’ll see an Inspiring Mutator being targeted from within another’s aura while at low health. It has no Inspired buff active on its bar.

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If that is the case right now, it must have been fixed recently. We had two Inspiring Mutators stack together during the “competition” and it made them unkillable.

Never had this kind of problems during the competition. They never could heal themselves to my knowledge. They were probably difficult to kill for other reasons (selfhealing vampires / ghosts / deathless, stacked up so difficult to target, etc…).

Yeah, sorry I must be remembering incorrectly then. It was a Vampire wave when it happened, maybe they were just getting Surgical Strikes in.